What to do in New York

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New York is a city with several interesting places and beautiful to look at, what I lack is what to do in New York, that may be visiting famous buildings, beautiful parks, museums, art galleries or just walk through the neighborhoods to get to know the surroundings of the city.

On a trip to New York the visitor got to take, taking thousands of pictures and walk a lot, being able to make reservations of your rides and lodgings in advance over the internet avoiding queues and leaving everything resolved to enjoy the city peacefully.

A good tip on what to do in New York primarily is to acquire your New York City Pass, a great card with which you save by paying your rides and can enter the main attractions and museums of the city without having to face the long lines.

In the city center, in Midtown, is the largest number of tourist attractions and arrival sof the main public transport into town, there is plenty to do in New York at this location that houses the Times Square, a popular shopping area.

Still in Midtown you can find and pay a visit to the Empire State Building, one of the brands of the city being the world’s tallest building with 102 floors, is an imposing and famous building that was once the scene of films such as “an affair to remember”,”King Kong”, “Superman”, “Taxi Driver”, among others.

There you can still glimpse the Broadway theaters, Madison Square Garden, St.Patrick’s Cathedral and the more women looking for things to do in New York: famous stores for shopping on Fifth Avenue.

Be sure to see the beautiful Central Park and Rockefeller Center, a complex of buildings that is a symbol of power and wealth in New York housing a huge business center with shops and restaurants.

I bet now you already have good tips on what to do in New York!

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