What are the advantages of using slate on my next roof as opposed to composition?

What are the advantages of using slate on my next roof as opposed to composition?


A qualified roofing company such as Urbach Roofing can tell you. We are a reputable roofing contractor and we have been serving folks in the San Diego area since 1979.

Slate roofs offer advantages and disadvantages over composition roofing.  A slate roof is shingle-like slivers of rock.  However, like tile, slate is an expensive choice for roofing.  Most often slate, like tile, is seen on upscale homes.  Like tile, it offers a very long lifespan, good fire protection, low maintenance and invulnerability to rot and insects.  Slate roofs are also more wind resistant than composition

However, like tiles, slate roofs are heavy and usually require expensive extra support which can add to the expense of the installation.  Slate is also breakable.  Unlike composition roofing, it is difficult for a non-professional to walk on.  This means that certain routine home maintenance chores such as cleaning gutters will require professional workers.

The life expectancy of a slate roof depends in great part upon the quarry from where the slate was taken.  Some slate is softer than others.  For example, the darker gray “Buckingham” slates from Virginia are considered a durable high-quality material which, properly maintained, can have a near indefinite life. Average life of most slate roofs is 175 years.

Composition roofing (asphalt shingles) is much less expensive than slate roofing.  Thus, asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing for homes, comprising over 80% of the residential roofing market.  They are made of either an organic paper fiber mate (better for cold weather and wind resistance) or fiberglass (more fire and moisture resistant) impregnated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules.

Composition roofs are not nearly as durable as slate roofs.  In general, their life expectancy is from 20 to 30 years.  However, there are many variables involved.  For example, if the current roof was overlaid on an existing composition roof, its lifespan will be shorter.  In addition, since composition shingles are made from petroleum based materials, they are not eco-friendly. Although they can be recycled, most composition roofs end up in landfills as part of construction debris.

For all the answers to your questions regarding roofing, contact Urbach Roofing today. We would be happy to talk with you and help you to decide what type of roof will best suit your needs. In addition, we can conduct a roof assessment of your current roof to determine if you even need a new roof. Telephone: (760) 471-5065
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