Top 5 Maintenance Mistakes


While we all try to take care of our cars, we sometimes over do it or forget some of the most basic tasks. Our car takes us on road trips, to school, to work, and back. Why not baby it a little? Here are some of the most common mistakes made in maintaining your car’s health.

1. Improper Tire Inflation and Rotation. While we normally leave this to our mechanic when we get our oil changed, tires can leak air. Under inflation uses more gas. Over and under inflation wears your tires faster. You also need to rotate your tires more than just once a year. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s proper pressure and rotation needs.

2. Useless Wiper Blades. You should avoid anything flying at you as much as possible while driving, but swerving to miss a bug is a bit ridiculous. Fall is the ideal time to change your wiper blades, as it is past summer’s baking sun and pre winter blizzards. If you live where you have extreme climate changes between summer and winter, change your blades twice a year in the spring and summer. Otherwise annually is ok.

3. Loose Gas Cap. You see your check engine light on and think, “Great. Now how much?” Go check your gas cap before you head to your mechanic. You might not have tightened it the last time you got gas. A loose gas cap messes with your fuel system’s venting arrangement. It is the most common reason behind a check engine light.

4. Never Had A New Air Filter. Your air filter not only filters the air inside your car but what is circulated within your engine. A dirty air filter can lower performance and mileage. If you don’t remember the last time you changed it, replace it now. How often you need a new one depends on where you drive. If you drive around more dirt or construction, you’ll need to change it more frequently.

5. Back to Basics. You need to clean your car. Period. It is especially important to give it a bath after icy weather and heavy rains. This type of weather can leave grime and dirt on your car that can wear off its paint. Don’t forget about the inside either. Leaving your car to bake in the sun while you’re at work can dry out the paneling and leather seats. Use window deflectors to help. Use your garage! It’s there as a protector for your car, not as extra storage for your plastic Christmas decorations and broken bikes.

Doing these little things can help keep your car in shape, but they aren’t the only things to do. You need a reliable mechanic that can answer your questions honestly. Go see Albuquerque Transmissions or call them at 505-255-8601. They will help you with any maintenance issues and help prevent future problems.

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