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If you wake up or come home from work and smell something that smells like rotten eggs, you might have gas leak nearby.  You probably will not find it.  Should you call a gas company or do it yourself?  Gas lines are one of those items we don’t usually think about.  They run throughout our home without going unnoticed until something happens or goes wrong.  Hot water tanks, heaters, and stovetops, are just a few of the items that use gas.  It is not a fun experience and not something you want to listen to.  Gas leaks aren’t to be taken lightly and should never be put off till the next day.

A Portable Gas Leak Detector

A portable gas tester can test for gas leaks.  It is an easy tool that can come in handy.  Sometimes it is hard to find where the leak is coming from.  To use this tool press and hold the power button while the tester is in the air.  It will go through a cycle and glow green when it is done.  Run the sensor over the area you want. Check the joints and fit anywhere you think may be a gas leak.  If the tester is yellow then it detected a small amount of gas.  If the tester is red then a significant amount is detected.  Regardless of the color, any amount of gas detected should be repaired right away.  Once repaired, test the area again.  To shut off the leak detector, push the power button once and the green light will shut off.  Most portable gas leak detections can be found at home improvement stores.

Gas Leak Detection Solution

Soapy water can be used to detect gas leaks, but sometimes this method is inconsistent.  Homeowners and plumbers go over a gas pipe with soapy water and miss leaks.  Some soap bubbles are better than others, but the test way to find a leak is using a solution that is formulated to produce bubbles.  With a well-designed solution, your chances of finding a gas leak are better.  The soapy mix is poured or sprayed over the area you think might have a gas leak.  Make sure the solution is applied all over, around the joints to ensure that the leak is not on the bottom of the leak.

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