The Hydro Jetting Alternative

Hydro jetting, also called water jetting, is a great alternative to simply running a cable through your sewer lines. It started in the oil fields and has found its way into many other industries and into the care of our homes. You can think of hydro jetting as power washing your pipes. It is a method of cleaning pipes, sewer lines, and tanks with high-pressure streams of water to remove buildup and debris. Hydro jetting is the only method of cleaning storm water drains blocked by silt and sediment buildup, which hinders the water flow. It penetrates the dirt and flushes the drain all in one action. This process has allowed pipes to operate at highly efficient rates.

Water jetting is an alternative for repairing failing septic systems. A septic field line is very different from a typical drain line in your home. Septic field lines are perforated to allow wastewater to seep into the surrounding soil where it is treated and filtered naturally. Jetting these lines can be extremely delicate since you could actually cause the holes to plug instead of clearing the lines and damage the pipe itself. Jetting can be very effective for septic tanks when the header line leading into the septic field is clogged. This is when you have a backup into your house or out of the tank and into your yard. These lines are farther away from the tank and not as easily damaged.

Jetting your lines clears out debris which can eat at your pipe’s inner lining. Losing this lining can cause your pipes to corrode and other structural breakdowns. This method is less labor intensive, less time consuming, and performs a more thorough job than others. It cleans your lines to their fullest capacity, prevents property and equipment damage, and adds longevity to your sewer system. Yearly jetting can reduce emergency drain problems and reduce the chance of having to move out for repairs and construction. It is superior to snaking your drains, which just punches holes in the debris instead of fully clearing it out. Another benefit is the fact that this method is a non-toxic application of pipe clearing.

The biggest misconception about hydro jetting is that the pipes won’t be able to withstand the water pressure. The water is pressurized while in the hose and once through the nozzle, the water is just traveling at a high speed. It is this high speed that allows the removal of soil and other debris from your pipes. As the water slows down, it washes the waste away. Some of the larger hydro jetting machines can even cut through roots that have found a way inside your pipes.

Power washing your driveway isn’t a dangerous job. Hydro jetting your pipes is. If you have an unknown backup or it is time for your annual pipe cleaning, call Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection at 972-672-8616 for 24-hour service. Let the professionals handle your plumbing needs.

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