The Class Disruptions, Study Issues, and Meltdowns of the Last Two Years Are GONE!

The Class Disruptions, Study Issues, and

Meltdowns of the Last Two Years Are GONE!

Tutoring Overland Park KansasMy name is Karen and my daughter, Bella, is a graduate of Pheno Brain Training. If you are a parent struggling to find help for your child in school, please read this story.

Bella’s Background

Bella is a bright, funny, social little girl who had trouble focusing in school. Bella & I spent hours every night working through homework… most nights these sessions would end in tears and Bella telling me that she didn’t understand why it was so hard for her. It wasn’t hard for her friends. She started telling me that she was stupid and couldn’t learn. It was heartbreaking for me… I felt like such a bad mom, but I didn’t know what else I could possibly do to help her.

Teachers Suggested an IEP

During parent/teacher conferences, we would hear that her teachers definitely thought she had the ability to learn the lessons, but wasn’t applying herself. She would get easily distracted and then become disruptive in class. Through 2nd and 3rd grade, these reports continued until the teacher suggested we put her on an “intervention plan” that included testing to see if she would qualify for an IEP (Individualized Education Program).

No Medication for My Child!

The teachers asked if Bella had been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. We explained that we suspected she had dyslexia (something her dad struggled with his whole life). They urged me to seek out an ADD/ADHD diagnosis from a pediatrician and told me that medication could help. NO WAY!!! I was NOT going to medicate my child. I don’t agree with it and I was definitely not going to be made to feel that I was a “bad mother” for not getting Bella help through medication.

Pheno Brain Training Sounded Different

We looked into other programs, but weren’t confident that they would help her. Shawn knew that tutoring wouldn’t help, because it would be based on repetitive learning. That type of learning would not help someone with dyslexia. So, we continued to search. The summer before Bella’s 4th grade year, I started seeing Facebook posts for Pheno Brain Training. I read every word on their website and started following their posts. They offered a solution, not just more tutoring that would be needed year after year in the subjects she struggled with. I kept thinking … “maybe THIS could be THE program we really needed!!”

After the Free Evaluation, I Knew They Could Help Her

So, I called the phone number and spoke with George Hersh, the owner of the program. He told me about his  personal experiences battling dyslexia and his story and struggles very closely mirrored my husband’s story. He invited me to bring Bella into his office for an evaluation. I knew that if I could get Shawn, my husband, to meet George… maybe, just maybe, he would relate to him and we could get Bella the help that she really needed to be successful in school. Shawn agreed to check it out, so I made an appointment and held my breath. George gave Bella a free learning assessment, then told me the areas that he felt Bella was struggling in and explained why. After 45 minutes with Bella, he articulated the issues, problems and meltdowns that we had been having for the past two years. I wanted to cry… I just KNEW he could help her!!

Bella’s Point of View

Bella loved the program and I loved what it did for her self confidence. She described it like this: “You get to do fun activities that start out easy, but get harder as you keep going through the program. I always knew that as I got better with the activities at Pheno, my school work would get easier… and IT DID!!! It made me proud of myself because I was accomplishing harder tasks and activities every week! Now I know that if I stay focused and work at something, eventually I will be able to do it. Because I believe in myself now more than ever!!”

Was Pheno Brain Training Worth the Money?

YES… and then some!!! It is hard to remember what it was like before we found Pheno. To rewind and think of how our evenings were one year ago is painful … it was frustrating and it was sad. I am so grateful for George and Mark and for Pheno Brain Training!!! They gave me the HOPE that we could all work together to help Bella and I believe that this program is worth its weight in gold!! We laugh how neither of us thought she could do many of the activities and she DID!!! Even the crazy hard ones … it took her awhile, but she did it!! Now she knows that if she could graduate from Pheno… she CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

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