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cool games
Technological developments in the present highly influential on the development of the game, which changes more rapidly, to make the gamers compete to own and play the game they love, and the game can be played by using a tool that can be grasped by hand and hand-held tool known as the name of the joystick.

Its contents are some of the buttons as a control to show the direction forward, backward, left and right, where its function is to interact, the game is actually very useful for testing the power of the human mind, so that people will start to think if it is faced with a problem. So that in a game, we are faced with various problems and we are required to solve the problem until we can resolve or even we can win a game that we play.

The manager of the gaming industry are racing to create a game that is more real and exciting for the players. This makes the development of computer games very quickly. So the games not just a game to spare time or just a hobby. But rather a way to improve creativity and intellectual level users.

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