Como Enviar Notificações How to Send Push Notifications

If you’re a regular reader of marketing blogs, you’ve probably come across push notifications at some point, whether you were aware of it or not. You know, those often (but not always) annoying boxes that pop up asking you for permission to send notifications. Seen ‘em?

They’re a fairly new and trendy marketing tool that seem to be growing in popularity.

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably already familiar with the basic concept of push notifications. They’re those notifications you get when new activity occurs in one of your apps. For example, if you have the Facebook app, you might get a push notification that someone liked your status update. You get the point.

Push notifications give you a way to always reach your readers, no matter where they are on the web. They could be scrolling through their Facebook news feed, but when you publish a new post, you can send them a notification.

Aprende como enviar notificações push no WordPress como alternativa mais eficaz do que o email marketing para um funil de vendas.

Torna o teu site seguro:

Procuras uma alternativa ao email marketing? Está no sítio certo! Neste tutorial mostro como podes enviar notificações push através do teu site do WordPress. A grande vantagem de usar notificações é o facto de ser um tipo de marketing que não é tão invasivo como email marketing.

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