Spiderman Yellow Tow Truck in action with Car FRIEND

Spiderman Yellow Tow Truck in action with Car FRIEND | Kid Wheels TV | Cars & Trucks for Kids

Funny video spiderman jokes can be a laugh for everybody. These kinds of jokes are lighthearted and are quite different from a written or a verbal joke. Pranks, as video spiderman jokes are sometimes called, involve someone doing something to someone else.

An example would be college students using a crane to put a professor’s car on top of the college roof. After the crane leaves, the professor comes out of class and can’t find his car. He thinks it’s stolen at first, but then he notices other students looking up at the top of the building and laughing. He then looks up to discover where his car is. Then, of course, he goes through the thought process of wondering how on earth the car got up there and how he’s going to get it down (this actually happened at Oxford University).

This was quite a complex video spiderman joke. When everyone had their laugh, the students responsible for the joke had the crane returned and gently placed the car back in the parking lot.

Funny video spiderman jokes can be very simple, too. At one time a young man fell asleep on the couch at some friends’ house and they painted his fingernails and toenails pink while he slept. He never noticed until he got to work the next day and was he surprised! He must have been half asleep not to notice. That was a harmless video spiderman joke and they all had a great laugh–at his expense, of course.

Another simple prank is just jumping out and scaring a friend when he or she least expects it. One nine-year old girl regularly hides in the house when she sees her father coming home. She will wait and wait and wait, like a tiger waiting for its prey and then she’ll pounce as he comes around a corner. She scares him every time. And then they laugh together.

That same girl at age five, snuck into her dad’s office when he was busy on the computer one day. She quietly tied one of her father’s legs to the chair he was sitting on with a silk scarf. She was so careful and quiet that he never felt a thing. After tying the scarf, she hid behind another chair so she could watch what was going to happen. She patiently waited as a few minutes passed. Finally, her dad got up from the chair and when he took his first step, the chair came with him. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked down to see his daughter’s silk scarf tied around his ankle to the chair. He burst out in laughter and she jumped and squealed with joy. She got him again!

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