Should You Invest In Carpet Flooring?   


If you are considering getting carpet flooring, keep in mind that there are various implications to consider. Here is a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of carpet flooring, and hopefully these help you make the best decision that is right for your home.

So what benefits can you expect if you get carpet flooring? Expect a comforting feeling. Carpet flooring is incredibly comfortable and gives a warm and cozy feel to any house.

Carpets are incredibly flexible flooring options. They come in so many wonderful colors and styles so there is no limit on what options you have to choose from. If you want a more spacious feel in your room, consider getting a lighter colored carpet. If you want a cozier feeling for your house, a darker color scheme may be better. With carpets, you make an environment that you want for your room. Carpets are also very decorative, and add so much dimension to your room.

Carpet flooring is also very insulating. If you are interested in getting as much insulation from your carpet as possible, purchase a thick padding to be placed under the carpet and make sure to buy carpet fibers that are denser. This is one of the reasons why more homes in colder environments have carpets as opposed to hardwood floors.

If money is an issue, carpet flooring is definitely the way to go. Costing only about $2.50-$8 per square foot, carpet flooring is a much more affordable option than hardwood, as this can cost up to $15 per square foot.

For families, carpet flooring is much safer than hardwood floors, especially with kids or elderly people. Since both these age group are a bit more prone to falling and injuring themselves, carpeted floors will mitigate any damage that they may incur.

Carpets sadly might not be all that they look up to be. This flooring option requires a very high level of maintenance, and if you fail to keep it clean on a regular basis, your floor will look dirty and not warm or inviting. So if you do decide to invest in a carpet, be ready to have it cleaned regularly.

Carpets are also incredibly sensitive, as they can easily absorb any stains when they get damaged or soaked. If presented to a particularly moist environment, carpets will become a prime target for mildew.

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