Riserva Golf apartments Barra da Tijuca

riserva golf
Accommodation of Apartments in Barra da Tijuca, very high standard condominium.

The Riserva Golf couldn’t be anywhere else but on Avenue of the Americas. This new venture is of very high standard, and of course, always with an innovation, it will be built near the new Golf course in Rio de Janeiro.

Full of comfort with services, Pay Per Use, peace of mind for your family and with a clear conscience, because sustainability is the priority of this incredible design!

One of the big differentiators Riserva Golf will be the 3 (three) Golf carts and make the transport of tenants and visitors within the Condominium which is composed of only 3 blocks and also Olympic Golf course and the ferry crossing to Barra da Tijuca beach condo Riserva Golf is exactly between the beach and the Avenue of the Americas.

Another differentiator of Riserva Golf Barra da Tijuca is the Night * Driver-valet service to support tenants in their commitments, while if you get out in a hurry you can ask the intercom to go already positioning your car to exit and when you arrive you can leave the car in gatehouse of its block and press the valet of the condominium.

The Riserva Golf, plants of all apartments and penthouses were made so that the residents feel living next to nature, with beautiful landscapes and lush rooms!

The price of the Riserva Golf is reward you in relationship to the benefit of leisure which include medium-sized heated swimming pool, fitness Room to stay in shape, playroom for children, meeting room for adults, massage room that exceeds their expectation of relaxation, high-pressure hydro-massage, sauna sports courts with Squash, tennis, sports, Gym with more than 150 square meters, Straight Pool included in natural lakes that are scattered throughout condo.

We are preparing our city to receive the largest sporting events, the World Cup and the Olympics. Barra da Tijuca is already considered the new commercial and residential center of Rio de Janeiro, where the best and most luxurious real estate releases happen and deserves a venture like the Riserva Golf!

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