Rapper Drew The Dream

Artist Name: Drew The Dream

Bio: I am a dedicated rapper out of South Carolina, Reppin that 803 . I am 20 years young started raping when I was like 17. I started off at a friend house we made a few songs and I just like to hear myself on a beat it keeps me motivated. I believe I can change lives by sharing my music and showing off my talent. I realized I’m pretty much a story teller. I have 2 little brothers and 2 big sisters.

I always been separated from my 2 big sisters but I met one. I love my mom she keeps me chasing my dream by pushing me and I’m from the struggle so the struggle makes me go harder also so I gotta appreciate the struggle. It made me who I am today. I like music and basketball. I came up playing basketball all in middle school, backyard.

I really had a good name for myself in basketball. Everybody knows me by my shot. In my old neighbor hood they called me Scotty Pippin lol. When I got to high school I just fell off and when I graduated. I didn’t know no basketball teams I could’ve go on. So I went rapping about my life because I know there’s a lot I can tell and people can relate. My birthday June 5, 1998 . And yes ima Gemini we got 2 different personalities.

***Social media links: https://www.instagram.com/_drewthedream/?hl=en

DREW THE DREAM (@_DrewTheDream)


***Direct link where people can listen to my music: https://www.bandlab.com/drewthedream