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When it comes to professional custom photo printing there is no better place to go in the Los Angeles area than Prism Photo.  You might think that you can do all of the printing of your photos at home on your computer’s printer, but don’t sell your photos short.  The quality you can achieve will never rival the quality that a professional print shop such as Prism Photo can produce.  Don’t your photos deserve the very best?  We think so, and you should too.

Prism Photo offers printing that goes far beyond the basics.  It is quick and simple for us to reprint photos from digital files, negatives, or the photo itself.  It is just as quick and simple for us to print an enlargement of a favorite photo.  Large size photo prints pose no problem to our staff.  Whether it is digital photo print enlargements that you need or enlargements from a negative or photo we have the equipment and knowledge to produce a fantastic large size print.

You will be able to choose from a large array of paper finishes and sizes when printing your enlargement.  Be sure to talk with the staff at Prism Photo about your options before deciding.  You may see something entirely different than what you came in thinking.  We have samples for you to look at too so that you can get an idea of what the final print will look like.  Each type of photo paper finish gives a little different print.  High gloss finish and metallic finish give a brilliant, colorful print while a matte finish will give a more subtle colored print.  Both are beautiful in their own way.  Which you choose may depend on how you plan on using your prints.

When printing photos at Prism Photo, don’t forget to ask for extra prints.  Remember family members who will also want a print of a photo and get the extra prints right away rather than needing to return.  But if you find you don’t have enough copies of a specific print don’t hesitate to return for more prints.  Even if all you need is one more print we will not have a problem with that order.  It will get the same care and consideration that any larger order would get.

Don’t forget that Prism Photo can mount, mat, and frame your photo.  No need to take your photo to a different store to complete it.  We offer many different options for finishing your photo.  Mounting the photo on foam board and framing it with a simple wood frame can create a long lasting, durable photo.  Choosing a pretty mat and fancier frame can complement a familiar portrait or exquisite landscape.  We can match your décor from sleek and contemporary to old-fashioned and ornate.

Come check out your options at Prism Photo.  You will be surprised at what we can do with photos.  Whether it is printing on canvas or a small granite slate or printing on a mug or iPhone cover, you will always find out quality to be the best.

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