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You just called the bank and made a big investment in a pool table perhaps at the expense of your child’s third year of law school. Before you get too carried away with your new piece, you should know how to keep it in one piece.

Sometimes a pool table’s greatest enemies are the game itself and its owners especially when they forget to treat the pool table like a piece of furniture. Of course no one wants to keep a good expensive pool table locked in a temperature-controlled vault. Lets assume that you are reasonably responsible and want to actually play on your pool table. Every table will play great in the beginning. Ask yourself, how long how long do you want it to play like that?

There may be nothing that looks cooler than the absent minded way a player chalks up between each shot. The lingering dust is playing a deadly game with your table felt. The chalk is abrasive; it gets into the cloth and destroys the felt. Brushing the table frequently after every game is a good start. 50% of the chalk dust actually gets brushed into the felt. To brush or not to brush that is the question. There are several different opinions across the industry on how to deal with chalk dust. Suction with a small vacuum is a great suggestion. If you don’t take vacuum or brush the table you could end up with a layer or dust inches thick under the felt. Imagine how it would affect your game if you didn’t take care of it. Too powerful of a vacuum could lift and stretch your fabric. Experts suggest using a small brush, with soft bristles and brush towards the pockets from one end to the other.

Sunlight will fade cloth. It bleaches the table’s finish. If you play in natural light, invest in a window class with a film that blocks ultraviolent light, or shutters or blinds. Buying a table cover would be useful for these things and will also come in handy to prohibit any other problems. Gauging the level of moisture in your environment is also important. People in desert and high altitude areas should be aware of the climate. It is sucking the moisture out of the table’s wood and might contribute to surface cracks.

Again your pool table is piece of furniture and needs to be treated as such. After the first year of owning the table, you should consider a billiard mechanic to come and give your pool table a check up. You can also check the yellow pages for billiard sales and services. While you’re looking make sure you Ed Nutter’s Billiard Experts. Call them at 713-468-3312 to get all the information you need when it comes to your pool table and keeping it clean.

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