Pay close attention to your owner’s manual

Pay close attention to your owner’s manual.  Regardless of what type of car you drive, your maintenance schedule should be inside of it.  Never fall for maintenance myths like, “ you should change your oil every 300 miles.”  In the manual you will discover how often your car does suggest an oil change.  You even find out whether you are even putting the right gas in your car or if you used the kind of oil in the first place.

You wouldn’t fire up a new appliance you just bought without reading the manual.  Most car lovers know this but people who aren’t smart with cars, don’t get interested in how their car works.  If you are using the wrong oil, for example, filling a car that calls for higher-octane fuel, with the lowest octane you can buy will cause damage that will cost more to fix than you would want.

Do your own inspection.  It’s basic to give your car a once-over periodically so you can catch anything that looks out of the ordinary.   Make sure all the lights are working.  Check the pressure in your tires.  Listen for strange sounds

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