My green card expires in 6 months. What steps do I take to renew it?

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In short, you need expert immigration legal counsel to navigate the green card renewal process, and beginning that process now, 6 months before your green card expires, is the best way to ensure against immigration green card problems.  At times the process backs up and it can take several months.  You want to give yourself plenty of time to complete the necessary green card renewal steps.

  1. Fill in form USCIS I-90. This form is available at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. The USCIS requires the form to be filled in completely. Processing will not begin until this is done.

Note:  The I-90 form can either be filed electronically (the fee may be paid simultaneously) or you can use the U.S. Postal Service. If you would like to receive one by mail, call the form orders line at 1-800-870-3676. (You may or may not be eligible to e-file. Check their website for more information.)

  1. Pay the $450 fee for renewal.
    This should be done online with your e-filing or included with your form when mailed in. They accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Note:  If you are filing on paper, pay the fee with a personal or cashier’s check or money order drawn on ad U.S, bank payable in U.S. dollars to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Do not use the initials DA or USDHS or USCIS when writing checks and do not send cash or traveler’s checks.  Send in your application and fee to the following address:
Attention:  I-90
P.O. Box 21262
Phoenix, AZ 85036

  1. Once the payment is received, you will receive a receipt.
    On this receipt will be the address to which you send the supporting documents.  If biometrics services are required, they will send you notification of your scheduled appointment time and place.
  2. Wait for notification of receipt from the USCIS.
    This will come either in the form of an email if you filed online, or as a letter.  File this notification in your records as proof you began the process.

Note:  The USCIS will mail you a Form I-797C, or Notice of Action.  You should use this notice as evidence that you filed the application. This is the notice listing the information you need for your subsequent appointment.

  1. Attend your biometrics appointment.
    Bring your appointment letter with you in addition to photo identification.  At this appointment you will be fingerprinted and photographed for your green card.

Note:  If you need proof of documentation while the USCIS is reviewing your status, say so at your appointment.  They will stamp your passport to indicate you have filed for a new card.  It will enable you to exit the USA and also to reenter.

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