Money Man Entertainment Indie Record Label

Artist name: Money Man Entertainment “MME”

Money Man Entertainment is an indie record label founded in 2015 by label mates Jessie Castillo “Figuz” and David Flores “D-Flo”. Shortly after joining forces in 2014 they decided to give their movement a name
and the Money Man Entertainment “MME” label/brand was born. Although the label was created primarily as a platform for the two CEO/artist, they do plan on taking on potential clients.

D-Flo born David Flores is the voice of the duo, known for his unique vocals and catchy hooks but he is also never to r&b to spit a mean 16.

Figuz born Jessie Castillo is the rapper/engineer of the two. Known to kill a verse then turn around and mix and master it himself.

Together they combine a smooth r&b feel and hard hitting lyrics with a blend of today’s sound and an old school delivery. Presenting music with content and vibe, a new genre of Trap Hop. Hip Hop bars over a trap style sound. Creating their own unique “MME” sound.


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