I stumbled upon a ten minute teaser trailer of Maleficent. We got to see it in 3D and what I can tell you is that the hook lines I think they got me, I absolutely want to watch maleficent online, ​one of the more unforgettable moments from Walt Disney’s animated “Sleeping Beauty” is the scene when the wicked witch Maleficent crashes the christening of young Aurora and proceeds to curse the young princess with the sleepy spell we know so well. So it was unquestionably something that would make the transition from the animated classic to the live-action feature, with Maleficent being embodied, with charm, by none other than Angelina Jolie.

 I mean Angelina Jolie looks amazing during I watch maleficent online as evil with these elevated cheek bones and we get to see the story of Maleficent.

See it with all the special 3D effects

 I think you get to see her relationship with Aurora, so it is not just, Oh she is an awful witch with power, but you have to watch maleficent online in 3D, I know that I’m not only going to have to see this movie but I’m going to have to see it with all the special effects as well. It just, they sold me. I am sold because I did already like the first teaser that I have seen and all the shots that I have seen of her as well I think she is looks … She is perfect for this character and I think Angelina Jolie in Disney movie, that’s different too, so Disneyland where are those, aren’t they in the middle of nowhere?

 Well it is a California adventure, so on my way to Anaheim I watch maleficent online, ten minutes off solid and it is cool because when you’re watching it, they have special effects, so when the dragon breeds you feel heat and I am not giving you away but the ending it is like tickles you.

If it’s towards the beginning, the middle or the end of the movie, or you have no idea?

 I think it is towards beginning, because you pretty much see the whole ceremony of the birth of Aurora, then Maleficent coming in and in the last couple of minutes you see a little bit of the relationship of Aurora getting to know who Maleficent is and you find out that Maleficent has a back story, she talks that she once had wings, so it’s going to be really solid. I am going to say that right now, I could be wrong but I am betting on this one absolutely, watch maleficent online free. I must say that I am still not sold on Elle Fanning in this particular role, I think she is a good actress, I think she is really good and she might be even better than her sister, but they are both so talented. That’s my only hesitation but I am sure they chose her for a reason and with the production values and with the visuals it’s going to be good. The movie comes out on May 30 and it’s almost time to get ready for it.

By the way let’s kick off with some interesting Maleficent facts:

  • Fact number 1: Three of Angelina Jolie’s kids make show-ups in the movie, how awesome  would that be just making a guest appearing in your mother’s Disney movie. Actually her daughter Vivien got the part of young Aurora, basically because she was the only kid who wasn’t afraid of Angelina in the Maleficent costume.
  • Fact number 2: This fact is amazing. Angelina Jolie is teaming up with the fashion designer  Stella McCartney to make a Maleficent clothes lines for kids, which I think is good idea.
  • Fact number 3: We going forward, Angelina Jolie picked Lana Del Rey to perform the song “Once Upon a Dream”. Her version is a little different from the original, but the new version is perfect for Maleficent and very similar to the original.
  • Fact number 4: One of the most interesting facts about the new Maleficent movie is that we learned that she is actually really, really nice or at least she was and she had wings until they were stolen from her. Everyone is liable to get a little cranky if you just take their wings away.

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