Human rights are rights inherent in human beings

Human rights are rights inherent in human beings since human birth inviolable and permanent. we as good citizens must be mutual respect for each other with no distinction of race, religion, class, position or social status.  universal human rights are basic rights which are owned by a person from birth to death as a gift from God Almighty. all people have the right to live a life and what he wanted for not violate the norms and values ​​of society.

These human rights are very obliged to be respected, upheld and protected by the state, law and government. each person as a human dignity that is the same from one person to another is absolutely mandatory to be protected and there is no distinction between the rights of one another. Human beings have not because it was given to him by the public or by positive law, but solely based on human dignity and rights as it is a gift from god almighty one.

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