How to Do Carpet Stretching Yourself

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Stretching new room carpet during installation really secures your carpet to the floor, and removes lumps and waves and will also reduce the chances of damage to the carpet. A carpet that is properly stretched will not bunch or scoot when you try to move furniture and other heavy objects on the floor. If you don’t have your carpet stretched, there is a high chance that you will have to deal with rips and tears in your flooring. Here is a guide that can help you Stretch your carpet, allowing it to live a longer life.

Firstly, adjust a knee kicker, a tool for stretching the carpet, on a scrap piece of carpet. The teeth of it should grab the carpet backing, but not puncture it. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to lower the teeth to adjust this setting properly.

Place the head of the kicker about an inch away from the first wall you are planning to stretch the carpet against. Use your hand to hold the carpet against the tack strips along the floor to keep it from lifting too much. As you move around the room, secure the carpet to the tack strips.

Next, wrap two or three foot piece scrap two by fours into the carpet padding. Use some type of tape, preferably duct tape to secure it around the board. Take this wrapped board against the wall and put it across the next part of the wall you are going to stretch.

Adjust a power stretcher’s tooth bite on a piece of scrap carpet. The teeth on the power stretcher’s head should bite into the backing of the carpet, but not penetrate the backing. Turn the knob on the head of the stretcher in a clockwise motion to lower, and do the opposite to raise the teeth.

Push down the handle to stretch the carpet against the wall. Use the side of a hammer or some hard surface to push the carpet onto the strips along the floor edge.

Run a carpet knife or carpet trimmer along the wall to trim the excess carpet from the floor. Next, position a stair tool between the wall and the edge of the carpet. Strike the handle of the tool with a hammer and tuck the edge beneath the base of the board and do the same around the perimeter of the room.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, call Omaha Carpet Cleaning today at 402-917-3049.

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