How to Care for Your Pool Table

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You are the owner of a brand new pool table.  You have spent hundreds or even thousands on a hand crafted pool table.  With the proper care, you can expect your new pool table to function and continue to look great.  Here are a few tips on cleaning and maintaining your new table.

Your number one priority should be having a clean pool table.  It is smart to dust the pool table at least twice a month.  To preserve or restore the natural wood you want to use a cleaner that leaves behind a little residue.  Orange or lemon oil works the best for cleaning the wood.  You can use a wax product for you pool table.  Make sure to buff the leftover wax to prevent the wood from becoming sticky.

During regular cleaning, do not ignore the pockets.  Dirt and debris can collect in the pockets and therefore damage the pool balls.  What many pool table owners don’t realize is that if there are any nicks, dents or scratches on your pool balls it can affect the performance of the game.  If the pool table has leather pockets, a mild saddle soap or leather oil works to help prevent the pockets from cracking.  While inspecting your pool table’s pockets, check for staples or tears, anything that might have come loose, staples or any other protruding objects that can cause damage to your pool balls.

The most important part of the table to maintain is the playing surface.  Over time felt becomes really stained and dusty and scratched from pool cues.  Every time a pool ball brushes across dirty cloth, it pushes dust, and dirt deeper into the cloth where it can eventually cause permanent damage.  To help prevent daily dust, you might want to invest in a pool table cover.  Be sure it is one that protects against UV light and moisture.

If you are buying a new pool table or even replacing the cloth make sure the cloth is fairly thick.  A pool table cloth works best when it is made up of wool and nylon.  This will impact how fast the pool balls glide across the table.  You can also vacuum the cloth but just be sure to use the upholstery attachment.  Also, alternating which end you rack and break your pool balls reduces wear and tear.  Never chalk your pool cue over the table.

Once your pool table is in place, try not to continue to move it.  Moving the table can compromise the structural integrity of your table.  With the proper care and tools to know how to care for your table, your pool table can last you a lifetime.  When you are in the market for the best pool table in town, contact Ed Nutter Billiard Experts.  Give them a call at 713-468-3312.  They will be waiting to answer you questions and give you the help you need.

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