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Most people drive the same route to work every day, same roads and stop signs.  But today there is a bad vibe in your mechanical karma.  Shifts seem oddly soft and late.  If your dipstick shows a low level, is the color of institutional linoleum and smells bad, your transmission fluid is in need of changing.

Fluid additives are available at most stores.  Sometimes they are sold as what sounds like “the savior” for your automobile transmission.  Most people know what snake oil is and some of these may fall into that category, so watch out.  Many of these additives may help your transmission last longer, while others almost sound like they stop leaks and make your transmission seem like new.  In some cases the consumer-oriented product aren’t always the best choice for one to put in the transmission.  Some of these are the products you see on the shelf in the store. They make claims that are most realistic because they are supposed to prevent fluid oxidation and modify to improve transmission performance.  Do not waste time or money with fix a can.   How can you change it yourself?

An overall inspection is the first step.  Having a low fluid level might indicate that you have a leak somewhere. It might possible be a cooler line that runs from the bottom of the radiator.  Fix it and then find it and then top off the level.  Remember, unlike the engine crankcase, it only takes about a pint to make a difference between “add” and “full” marks.  Make sure you use the correct ATF.  Sometimes the shifting problem or the lag may just disappear after you add ATF.  The fluid might be bright red and “sweet” smelling.  If it’s a dark color or burned odor, a complete change has to be done.


All modern automatic have looking torque converters to eliminate slips cursing speeds.  The powertrain control module controls these.

Fresh Fluid

The most important thing you can do to not pay big bucks for transmission repairs is to change the ATF on a regular basis.  Some carmakers have backed down from the unrealistic 100,000 mile trans fluid change interval recommended in the past.  Every 30,000 miles is more reasonable for the average joe.  Going through the operation of dropping the transmission pan and replacing the filter can be a messy job.  Regardless of how far you are willing to go, you still have to take the transmission pan off, there are a couple of ways to make it a little neater.

If you can’t change or manage any of these things by yourself, there are many shops for this purpose.   Sprinter Transmission will make sure you leave with you car running like a brand new ride.  If you are in the Houston area and you need to be put in the right direction, or have questions about your transmission, come to Sprinter transmissions, or visit them at

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