Dog Health Problems by Train My Hound

You just got a new dog in the house? It definitely feels happy. All the best things given to him. But a few days later the problems plaguing your mind come. Yes, new pet dog you do not want to eat, stress, diarrhea, etc. After you buy a new dog arrives home, put it at a quiet place. Do not take the first game in 2-3 hours. Let him adapt to the new environment

Do not directly fed, this is often done by the new dog owner. Dogs newly arrived new home if in good condition will immediately eat the food given although still stressed. Should be fed 12 hours after she arrived home. Dogs are directly fed by the time comes usually will appear a few days later problems, such as hunger strikes.

Give food to taste, do not continue to be fed if the given portion is up. A healthy dog will definitely spend eat however much there until his stomach is full. Most eat cause diarrhea. New dog (of any age) DO NOT bathed or vaccination advance for approximately one week since came. This information for Dog Health Problems by Train My Hound.


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