Different Types of Pests Part 2

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If none of the pests from the first article seem to be the ones that are invading your home, you may find them in this one. Here is the second part of the lists of pests that you may find in your home this summer.

The Cicada Killer Wasp is quite the nuisance for homeowners. They can grow about two inches long and look similar to Yellow Jackets. You’ll most likely find these guys during the end of summer, and if you upset one of the females enough, they will sting you.

You’ll find fruit flies in places such as your trash, mops, containers, empty bottles, and even in produce such as bananas, melons, grapes, onions, and strawberries. Once they lay their eggs, you only have about 24 hours till they hatch. Fruit flies are notorious for carrying diseases and bacteria, so if you find their eggs on your food, I wouldn’t recommend eating said food.

You’ve probably seen this type of pest a thousand times: the House Fly. You’ll find house flies feeding on dead animals and fecal matter. They can carry various pathogens such as anthrax, tuberculosis and other poisons. They are gray in color and can become a full adult in approximately seven days.

Bottle flies commonly infect human food supplies and are known as scavengers. Like fruit flies, they hang around fecal matter and even lay their eggs there. These guys can cause dysentery, which leads to bad diarrhea.

The German cockroach is incredibly common and loves to hang around food source areas. You may find these guys in garbage cans, kitchens, cups, plates, utensils, and sewers. Cockroaches produce allergens and are commonly known for carrying germs and bacteria.

Similar to its German counterpart, the American cockroach also can carry various germs and diseases. These pests can emit a nasty odor, and while you’ll mostly find them outside during the summer, watch out for them inside your home during the winter. They can grow up to be as long as 2.5 inches and have a reddish brown color with a yellow marking on the back of their head.

Emitting a foul smell similar to the American cockroach, the Oriental Cockroach is commonly known as the water bug. These guys live in bundles of leaves, sewers, under sinks, and feed on any type of garbage.

If you are having any problems with any pests at all, mentioned here or not, be sure to call Texas Termite and Pest control. With over 25 years of experience, these guys will quickly get rid of any problem that you are having, allowing you to have a much more enjoyable summer. Call today at 281-890-4123.

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