Different Types of Alcoholism Rehab Centers

Different Types of Alcoholism Rehab Centers


Alcoholic rehab centers have only been around about a century r so and they have substantially evolved to include many types of different treatment. Many alcoholism rehab centers use other modalities besides the Twelve-Step program and provide treatment, support, counseling, services, funding and spiritual help for both alcoholics and their families.

The Function of Alcoholism Rehab Centers

The purpose of any alcohol rehab clinic is simly is to help individuals overcome their addiction to alcohol while at the same time teaching them to live a life that is healthier and free of this addiction.

The first step in the healing process is detox. During this time the alcoholic does not have alcohol, drugs or any other addictive substance. Most people recover in detox after five to seven days.  Some alcoholism rehab centers have in-house programs and others require the preson to detox elsewhere before entering their facility.

It is highly recommended that the detox phase be taken very seriously because depending on how seriously the person was addicted he or she could suffer mild to very severe symptoms.  Some alcoholics only experience mild symptoms like shaking and irritability but sever cases can experience fever, delusions, convulsions and even death.

After the person has recovered physically it is time to choose from the many types of alcoholism rehab centers to see which treatment is best. Of course this is not necessary if the person already selected one of the alcoholism rehab centers that have detox included in the program.

Types of Alcoholism Rehab Centers

There are a couple of types of different alcoholism rehab centers.

  • In-patient treatment is for those who need to stay day in and out in a facility and need a program’s full support and medical supervision.
  • Out-patient treatment is for those who have a less severe addiction and can be trusted to go home and not use alcohol and attend counseling or group meetings on their own.
  • Christian treatment offers a program that helps people draw the strength to quit from spiritual support.

There are a lot of alcoholism rehab centers to choose from but that one that is best for you is going to depend on your medical condition, the severity of your problem and your personal preferences.

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