Different Options for House Locks

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Having a secure home is essential, so it’s very beneficial to put some time into deciding which type of house lock provides the best type of protection. Here are some of the different options you have to choose from.

The first option you can potentially invest in is the Five-lever mortice deadlock. This type of lock requires a pocket, called a mortice, to be cut into the door or wall in which the lock is to be placed. The more levels your mortice has, the more secure the door is.

Some insurers occasionally offer a 5% discount off your home’s contents insurance premiums, if you decide to get this particular kind of lock installed. These must be in use if you want to actually make a successful claim.  For example, if a burglar breaks through a window that has been left open, the insurer will be less likely to pay for the damages.

The next type of house lock is the multi-point locking system. These have a minimum of three locking points that all lock at the same time simply by the turn of the key.

Nightlatches are actually mounted on the door as opposed to being morticed into the door. While they are less secure than mortice locks, they can be used as an additional security measure. Double-locking nightlatches are the most secure type and have a keyhole on the handle inside the door so that the latch can be deadlocked from inside.

The next type of lock is the key operated window locks. These are what should ideally be installed on all of your downstairs windows. These locks are fitted either on the top of the window or on the bottom. They can also be placed on the handle that closes the window.

Electric locks work like most other locks except for the fact that they are not manually applied. The mechanism that locks and unlocks the door runs through the electronics and can be opened either with a keypad or a key. These locks are particularly safe because they cannot be overridden by brute force or lock picking tools.

Combination locks are very similar to keyless entry locks, only the keypad functions through a push button mechanism, in which the combination lock triggers the movement of the deadbolt automatically.

If you are having any security issues or need someone to call to install a security system, contact First Class Security today at 615-656-3300.

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