Choosing Tile As Flooring For Your Home

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If you have decided to choose tile flooring as the type of flooring you want for your home, then you’re in luck. Tile flooring is manufactured from a variety of materials such as clay, stone, metal, terrazzo and quartz. Here is a helpful guide as to what the main types of ceramic flooring are and some useful information about them.

The first type of tile flooring and arguably the most common is Ceramic tile. This type of tile is manufactured from clay materials that are quarried, prepared, and folded into a mold. There are several common folding methods for ceramic tile, including dry press, extruded, and slush mold. The dry press forming method involves a mixture of dry material being pressed into a mold under extreme pressure.

Extruded ceramic tile is formed when a mixture of slightly wet material is extruded into a very particular mold. Slush mold is a forming method in which a mixture of very wet material is poured into a mold and then hardened in a kiln at an extremely high temperature.

You can label Ceramic tile into two categories: Porcelain and Non-Porcelain. Traditional ceramic tile is non-porcelain and is made from red, white, or brown clay, as well as other materials. Porcelain ceramic tile is made from clay and minerals as well, but also contains 50% of a white dust called feldspar.

Porcelain and non-porcelain ceramic tile can be either unglazed or glazed. Glazed tile has a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish applied to the surface during the manufacturing process. In the past, glazed tile was kiln-fired twice, once to harden the tile mold and a second time to harden the glaze. Today, in addition to double-fired ceramic tiles, an automated single-fired manufacturing process called Monocuttura hardens a glazed mold in one step. Glazed tiles have increased stain resistance, scratch resistance, and traction, as well as decreased water absorption, in comparison to an unglazed tile.

Natural stone tile is produced from natural materials that are quarried, slabbed, finished, and cut to size. Common types of stone used as flooring tile include granite, marble, limestone (including travertine), and slate. Among these types of natural stone are thousands of varieties with characteristics that depend on where and when the stone was quarried.

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