Buy UNI BOWL Directly from Kickstarter by Jindrich Dudziak

The bowls of the UNI-BOWL colection were designed as multifunction tableware. A UNI-BOWL can be used as aBBQ dressing bowl, a grater,a dressing bowl,a dipping bowl and a tea pot.

The basic idea behind the UNI-BOWL is to get rid of the classic garlic press which are a pain to clean and can only be used to press…garlic! The UNI-BOWL built in grater is easy to clean and can be used to grate garlic,shallots,ginger and even prepare puree with fruits like appels and pears.

Their classic designs implemented in white porcelain integrate nicely with your other tableware. The UNI-BOWL collection was designed by renowned European ceramist Jindrich Dudziak. The bowls are produced in his studio in Mont-Saint-Hilaire,Quebec.

All the bowls are produced using high-quality food safe porcelain and transparent glaze. Each bowl is completely hand-made using production techniques that are quite elaborate.

Once the technical challenges are properly addressed, the production will be done in my own ceramic studio.I cumulate more than 25 years of professional experience in the production on uniq pieces, small series and large production. I have to experience with shipping. With my long experiences I have every steps under control.

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