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Bio/Press Release- My name is Joshua Richardson Jr I go by the name of Prince YG I am 26yrs of age I was born in Martin County North Carolina, raised in Scotland Neck NC and is currently residing in Rocky Mount NC. I am the only son of 3 daughters where a lot of responsibilities came with that after the death of my Father Joshua Richardson Sr.

I have a big family outside of my immediate household family on my mother side as well as my fathers where both sides was big on Christian religion as well as music where I learned to sing and use my vocals. I soon learned how to write my own music and developed my rapping skills where now I am able to do a little bit of both. As a kid my cousins and I won many of talent shows and learned how to merge our voices and as we grew up we stayed with it while some of stuck with gospel and some and myself wanted to pursue the music industry after winning the King of the Mic over a lot of talented individuals and groups and soon started calling ourselves Mobandz Ent. My biggest inspiration is my city North Carolina especially the 252 area with us being so small and overlooked on the map outside of sports.