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Catching Rec. Entertainment
Founded 2005; CEO, Christopher Rodriguez, CEO, Rashad Kirk.

Catching Rec. Entertainment, founded in 2005 by co-founder Christopher Rodriguez and Co-Founder Rashad Kirk has developed into a resilient entertainment company that specializes in original beat production, song production, mix-tape production, and specialty in D.J. entertainment. Catching Rec. Entertainment was created from the ideology that “everyone – no matter what you’re doing in life – if it’s successful, you’re catching rec! The core of Catching Rec. Entertainment is built from “originality”, as CEO Christopher puts it; this originality comes from own unique crafts, such as having a good ear for great music, DJ’ing, producing and blending. As CEO Kirk stated, “we definitely want our entertainment company to re-recognize an art that has become lost, blending.” With successes such as producing a beat for a movie trailer, producing R&B songs, blending new reggeaton tracks, fresh hip-hop tracks, and producing a mix-tape blend, this company’s main focus is growth in which they have shown. As both CEO’s mentioned “the only way is up from this point”.

From the start these two brothers (as they like to put it) have been taking on a true uphill battle in building this business that is now evolving into success. Once known as S.O.L. Entertainment; Catching Rec. Entertainment is the new truth and definition of overcoming the struggles in life and focusing on what real determination is! Catching Rec. represents every person, from every hood, on every street corner that has a passion for something! What was once a dream is now the reality; and by no means does this entertainment company plan to slow up on producing new beats, new blends and tracks, and song production. Their continued success will come from their determination to succeed in the music industry and to continue to work with well versatile people of the music industry. So in essence, the plan is to keep Catching Rec. …. “ it’s more than music, it’s a lifestyle!”

Catching Rec. Entertainment, Inc.

Rec. Boy Productions

Artist: JayRec. A.K.A. Jay-Are BIO

Jay-Are a.k.a. Jay Rec. begin his ventures in the music industry at very early age; when he was just 7 years old he took notice to all the music equipment and records that his uncle would keep in his room and with never being allowed to touch any of the equipment just enticed Jay-Are’s curiosity that much more of what it was and what he could do with it. Since that moment he begin to take a real interest in music, recognizing individual sounds, dissecting songs, and gaining an understanding for the different harmonies and melodies in each song. As time went on, Jay-Are progressed in his talent of engineering music, what really all started with a pair of headphones and a little bit of curiosity he began to hear music in a different light. At the age of 13 he started to unravel every song and wonder how each sound came together as a whole, he then knew that this was what he wanted to do in his life. In 2007 Jay-Are attended Full Sail University in Winter Park FL where he studied music production and engineering.

What doesn’t Jay-Are do? In 2011 begin recording himself and his first mix tape “The Art of Seduction”; but best known for musical engineering, which also includes recording, mixing and mastering, his producing skill is another avenue that he has begin to heavily touch on. Jay-Are joined Catching Rec Entertainment, Inc. in 2012 as their prime engineer in which he engineered original beats of Catching Rec Entertainment and a various range of genre songs from the artists of Catching Rec Entertainment which led to him producing such songs for these artist. The range of music from hip hop, R&B, and party techno was just the beginning of Jay-Are’s ventures with his new found team. Enjoying what he does for the Rec Boy team (a.k.a. Catching Rec Entertainment) and tunneling himself with the artist he produces for, Jay-Are’s new venture was becoming an artist himself. Jay-Are a.k.a. JayRec (the artist) stepped out from behind the mixing boards and is now in front of the mic making his own songs formulating from personal events and real experiences in his life; such songs include “This Is It” and “   “.

Now Jay-Are is part of something bigger than himself, he has escalated to new heights as a key part of Catching Rec Entertainment. Make sure you keep your eyes out for upcoming projects from Jay-Rec (the artist) as for Jay-Are the producer, his sounds will be amongst us in many songs from many artists and you can definitely expect a compilation album with Jay-Rec and the other artists of Catching Rec Entertainment, Inc.

Lance Richards


Lance Richards, “LA” is an inspired musician whose focus is on writing and singing.  Originating from upstate New York and representing his home area, “LA” enjoys showcasing his amazing singing talent to his hometown friends, family, and fans.   As an R&B artist with a lot of different influences, he grew up on and was tremendously inspired by Usher, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. With major beliefs in his song writing abilities, he writes music that mean something, soulful and from the heart; “I put all of me in a sea called “us”, and not I’m drowning cuz I put “us” first, didn’t leave me enough” – an original lyric of “LA’s” inspired from a past relationship, is in-depth with feeling and empathetic.

As a member of the Catching Rec Entertainment team – “Rec. Boy LA”, he is striving to bring his talent to the next level and show the world his amazing attributes with his strong and passionate yet smooth voice, and originally written songs that express his personal life experiences.   With three (3) amazing songs that have become very successful via the internet and on-line streaming radio shows, “LA” is working on up and coming projects that will guarantee him to be on the music scene much more, in which new listeners and existing fans can hear more great songs just as “Where Did it Go”, “Get this Work”, and “Dream”. While studying at the local Community College as a Communication Major, Lance will be very busy in representing all that he is apart of and all that he believes in.

In just wanting to make good quality music – music that people can relate to and feel good while listening, understanding where he as an artist is coming from is very important to “LA” and his true success. As an inspiring R&B artist, Lance’s overall goal is to be able to showcase his music, performing on radio/television shows, concerts, radio, and releasing the first debut album. There is so much more to come from Lance Richards as an artist and his astonishing ability to write and sing is yet to be seen; and once this young artist takes full force, his music will be guaranteed to be heard all over for a long time to come.


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Metafore (Tashian Turner) began his love for hip hop music at a young age when his mother bought him a portable karaoke machine for his birthday. He would always record himself over instrumentals of hip hop tracks that were being played on the radio stations and TV at that time. Over the years, Metafore developed and perfected his own unique style, giving him a “stand alone” characteristic to his music. His mother, being one of his biggest advocates, always carried a copy of his demo with her no matter where she went. One day while his mother was at work, one of her co-worker’s overheard her listening to his demo CD and fell in love with his style. Ironically, this co-worker happened to have a deep connection in the music industry and this is where Metafore began his journey in creating professional quality music. Signing a deal with Luckybug Entertainment, Metafore was given exposure to the trials and tribulations of a non-stop, demanding industry and allowed him to gain experience in professional studio recording, music video shoots, live performances and afforded him the ability to work with industry professionals such as Producer Charles Roane, the Alchemist, Hot 97’s DJ Envy, DJ Espee, Method Man and KRS metafore2One. In 2007, Metafore rejected an offer from Interscope/A&M/Geffen Records CEO Jimmy Iovine in order to maintain his creative independence and keep his music his own. After taking a break from the rigorous lifestyle of the music industry upon the expiration of his contract with Luckybug, Metafore is stepping back onto the rap scene with renewed passion and drive following the birth of his daughter in 2012. Alongside up and coming production company Catching Rec Entertainment, Metafore is poised to make waves in the industry with his modern, eclectic style that provides a little for everyone whether it’s in the clubs, the streets or in the sheets.




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Catching Rec Entertainment
20 York Ave
Monticello, NY 12701

Phone: 845-701-0145 (Brian)

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