Are pier and beam houses more susceptible to termites ?

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No.  Actually the design of pier and beam houses facilitates pest control.  Because the underside of the pier and beam constructed home is easily accessible for inspection, termite infestations can be detected by trained professionals from a termite control company before serious damage has occurred.  Infestations of pier and beam houses can be traced to a few typical entry points:  the support piers, porches and additions, wood to ground contact, debris under a house, and lines such as sewage lines and electric conduits that are in contact with the house and soil.

There are steps that can be taken when building the home to protect it from termite infestations.

  • Make sure no wood debris is left under the building.
  • Remove all wooden stakes and forms after the slab or foundation is cured.  You can avoid this problem altogether by using metal stakes.
  • Properly ventilate crawl spaces to minimize moisture.
  • Avoid any direct soil wood contact with any portion of the building.
  • For homes with crawl spaces, install metal termite shields where appropriate.
  • Pre-treat for termites.  There are two ways to pre-treat a home for termites during its construction: 1) Pre-construction horizontal soil treatment followed by post construction perimeter treatment.  The first step in this method of termite pretreatment involves treating the soil underneath the building site with an approved termiticide to establish a horizontal barrier of insecticide treated soil immediately underneath the building. This treatment is applied after form boards, rebar, and sub-foundation plumbing are installed and just before concrete is poured for the slab/foundation (also before any plastic vapor barrier is installed). 2) The second part of this pretreatment method is applied around the perimeter of the home after construction is completed and afterfinal grading and landscaping has been completed around the immediate perimeter of the building.

Call Texas Termite Pest Control today at 281-890-4123. Regardless if your home sits on a slab or was constructed as a pier and beam structure, regularly scheduled termite inspections by trained technicians from our pest control company are your best protection.  Our staff is state board certified with specializations in control of termites, roaches, rats, fleas and other insects.  We understand your family’s safety is important to you.  All our exterminator technicians are provided with thorough training in the understanding of the biology and habits of pests, rather than just the use pesticides.

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