All You Need To Know About Area Rugs


When designing your home, there are a plethora of factors to consider. What you have on your floor is essential for the foundation of this design. An area rug can bring a variety of elements to your home, but there are so many factors to consider. Here is some useful information regarding area rugs and how they will fit in your home.

One of the first factors that you should probably consider when looking to invest in an area rug is the size of the rug. Begin by measuring your floor to see what rug sizing you want. The most common rug sizes are 4 by 6 and 6 by 9 feet. These are ideal under small tables and lamps.

Consider the various places you would want an area rug. If you want one in the living room, the ideal place would be to have it in front of a sofa or even a coffee table.  If you want a larger rug to fit around a whole hardwood floor, make sure to choose an area rug that leaves about eight inches of wood exposed around the perimeter. If you’re thinking about placing an area rug in your dining room, leave room so that you can pull chairs from the table while still having the legs of the chairs on the rug itself.

If you are contemplating putting an area rug in your bedroom, I would not recommend getting Persian or oriental, as most of its intricate patterns will be covered by the base of the bed, never to be seen. Instead, potentially invest in smaller area rugs for the various pieces of furniture in your bedroom, as this will most likely cost less and add a unique and refreshing touch to your bedroom.

It is very important to consider everything with the end in mind. How exactly do you want your room to look?  Should you use one rug or two? The general rule is that one rug coordinates the room and makes it easier to pick out pieces of furniture that complement the rug. Keep in mind that if you’re redecorating a room that has already been furnished, pick a rug that that really goes well with the colors of the room. Light colors make a room look better, while darker colors make a room look cozier.

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