5 Tips on How to Create Great Resources for Teachers

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The qualities of the teaching resources you create can have a significant consequence on the teaching experience of teachers. Resources for teachers are to help them develop their own teaching materials to teach their students.

Sometimes resources can confuse teachers from other schools, so it is essential to know how to create effective resources for teachers.

There are 5 basic tips or guides to follow when creating resources irrespective of the age range of the students or subject you have in mind.

  1. The Resources Must Be Intelligible

The resource should be easy to understand and learn from. How to achieve this will depend on the medium used. Use simple language and short or simple sentences instead complex sentences.

Use illustrations to help to simplify a complex message. If you are using images, ensure that they are colorful, related to your topic and easy to connect with. The overall format of your resources must be simple and have a good layout. Complexities hinder quick understanding.

  1. Use Consistent Style

Use a consistent style throughout your resource, especially if you are working on a particular series of topics in the subject. It may be tempting to use different styles although; consistency will enable teachers to focus on the meaning and significance of what you are trying to communicate. Uniformity in the resources will assist the teachers to focus on content rather than style. Direct your focus to the needs of other teachers’ as well as yourself.

  1. Create Unique and Innovative Resources

The resources should not be two-minute products. They should be carefully thought out and created in order to be valuable. The resources should include peculiar concepts that anyone that coming across them would be willing to buy. The resource could be a game to teach a particular lesson or to make teaching a difficult or tricky lesson easy.  You can access several free teacher resources online for inspiration and guide. Moreover, the resources should be great time savers for teachers to understand and develop their lessons.

  1. The Resources Must Be Original

Original resources are a therapeutic way bring out your innate creativity. Try not to re-format other people’s work, or improve on someone else’s original creation.

You could consult teacher resource websites or other people’s resources as guides to create yours, but avoid content and creativity theft otherwise known as plagiarism. If you want to use sound in your video, do not use copyrighted sounds. Have a look at databases of copyright free music and sound effects, or create a unique music or sound for your resources.


  1. Target Teachers’ Need

It is vital that the educational resources you want to create for teachers is targeted at what students need to learn. You need to be aware of the knowledge and skill that teachers you are targeting already have.

It can be challenging to find this information, but it is worth spending time to find out. Realizing the needs of other teachers will help you to create efficient and great resources for them. Targeting their need is fundamental to creating great resources for teachers, and making your store a success!

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Diligence and strict attention are paid to resources that are offered on the website in order to ensure their quality and effectiveness. Both paid resources and free teacher resources are available on the platform. The more resources are shared between teachers, the better results our students will get. So go on, get creating!

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