Two in Love, by The Tomboys

Coming hot off the third EP release, SESSIONS THREE from The Tomboys, “Two in Love” is the first single from this new EP. This music video promises to capture some of your earliest memories of classic TV and movie scenes, all tied to the message behind the song. It also have a very funny opening and ending twist – you can’t miss!

The Tomboys were Miami’s original Power Pop band from the 80’s.

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Steven Universe Explained – Homeworld’s Presence on Earth – Steven Universe Theory

Steven Universe Explained – Homeworld’s Presence on Earth – Source:
This is the last video I recorded before I setup my studio. Sorry for the low quality audio :P.
On all three pictures, Florida doesn’t exist (isn’t seen on the When It Rains globe, but you can always assume), and South America is farther stretched out.

After this episode, I’m really thinking the cluster was responsible for the movement of the continents. If it’s being grown underground and is bigger then the entire earth, it’s probably even powerful to move all continents and plate tectonics on the crust of the earth. This may answer why the gems had a tectonic emergency back in Cat Fingers.

Whatever that Cluster is, it’s going to either be killed or kill the earth. I’m not sure which one.

However, tectonic plates usually take tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years to form. Likewise, it takes the same amount of time for continental drift to occur.

We know that Pearl, Garnet, and Rose Quartz are at least 7,000 years old (c. 5,000 B.C.), as they originally came from Homeworld. Pearl also mentions that the Gems already had advanced, interstellar technology, as seen with the ancient ship that Peridot attempts to use to trap Steven and the Crystal Gems.

Given the existence of other, ancient Gem structures built on Earth, including the Lunar Sea Spire and the Sky Arena(s), the Gems may have been on Earth even before 5,000 B.C.

Given how long it takes for intelligent life to form an interstellar civilization (and empire) on the level of the Gems, and given that their technology was already advanced by 5,000 B.C. [on Earth], Homeworld must be a planet that is older than Earth, probably by at least a few million (if not a few billion) years.

In “Space Race”, Pearl also gives evidence for this:

“Well, Steven, these warp pads were used to travel off-planet. They were our connection to the Gem homeworld and to Gem-controlled planets all over the galaxy.”

“You’ve got plenty of spare parts here, albeit for incredibly primitive propulsion-based space travel.”

If Gems have travelled “all over the galaxy”, likely they come from a planet [edit] older than the Earth, surely. Gems also must be a highly prolific race – perhaps even the “dominant species” across the galaxy.

Given that Pearl mentions interstellar travel by Homeworld, calls human technology “primitive”, and Homeworld’s practice of “farming” planets to create new Gems, it provides solid evidence that Homeworld (and Gem civilization) is far older than most fans tend to assume. If that is the case, and Homeworld long ago scouted for planets to use to create new Gems, and implanted the Cluster in the Earth’s crust or core, then logic dictates that they must have also first discovered Earth millions of years ago.

Let’s say that the Gems were, indeed, on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. If they were present, then they also would have been on Earth, or aware of Earth, for a major period in Earth’s history: the reign of dinosaurs as the dominant species.
Peridot’s dialogue from “Marble Madness” also seems to back up this theory:

“So tell me – Have Stevens replaced humans as the dominant species on earth?”

It seems like a very odd thing to say, unless one thing if true: that Gems have been around for the ‘dominant species’ on Earth to change at least once. What were the dominant species before, for 135 millions of years on Earth? Dinosaurs.

Given the tectonic activity mentioned by /u/CaptainFlambo, and its link to the Cluster, there is even more evidence that, not only were Gems on Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, but may have actively had a hand in the KT extinction event.Many people call it “the extinction of the dinosaurs”, and they’re not wrong. However, the KT extinction involved much more than just the dinosaurs dying off. In terms of severity, the event eliminated a vast number of species.

Based on marine fossils, it is estimated that 75% (or more) of all species were wiped out by the KT extinction.
However, the devastation caused by the extinction also provided new evolutionary opportunities. In the wake of the extinction, many groups underwent sudden and prolific divergence into new forms and species, filling niches left empty by the KT event.

One of those species to ultimately arise was humankind, again tying into Peridot’s “dominant species” quote. However, humans are a relatively new species, only first appearing about 2.5 million years ago.
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Z- On My Shit (Live at Plug Studios NYC)


Zusette Isabel Deleon (better known by her stage name “Z”) is an American independent & multi-talented recording artist. A gifted musician, singer and songwriter specializing in Pop, R&B and Hip Hop genres. For her debut single in 2015, Z collaborated with renowned fellow New Jersey star rapper Fetty Wap. The worldwide hit “Nobody’s Better” garnered over 150 million impressions and birthed a fervent following of eager fans ready for her next release. In 2017, Z followed up her hit with another smash featuring R&B heavy hitter Tory Lanez in a sexy flavored track “Special 4 U”. Catch Z on VH1’s brand new reality show ‘Beauty Bar’ airing Wednesday nights at 10pm EST. Want to sing with Z? Download ‘Spotlite’ from your app store today!

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Dating app review – Skout

Meet people around the globe or simply from nearby area with the help of the amazing application Skout! Meeting new people, making friends and finding dates has never been that simple before! With the specific search menu, you can find the people you are looking for fast and easy. You can easily start chatting and sending smiles to the people, you find interesting. The navigation is very clear even for the people, who deal with this sort of application for the first time. The design is bright and pleasant, that will cheer you up no matter where you log in. Easy and pleasant to navigate it will leave only positive emotions and we wish you great communication!

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