Do isolated vitamins work?

Do isolated vitamins work?

Isolated vitamins are not found anywhere in nature and they are usually synthetic. Synthetic vitamins were originally created as they are cheaper to produce and they are trying to imitate the natural structures.

Vitamins which you find naturally, in plants and Herbal Supplements,contain a number of additional compounds which all work together to produce their health benefit and they are never found isolated from each other.

There are many phytonutrients (plant nutrients) which we are yet to discover. In fact, it is estimated that there are around 25,000 phytonutrients, and we know of only around 10,000. These undiscovered phytonutrients play a pivotal role in the function of vitamins. They all work together synergistically to produce their health benefits.

A vitamin, in its natural form, can be compared to the human body. It has a number of different parts which all perform a different function and all come together to form a fully functioning whole. If you isolate the heart and removed it from the body, would you call the heart the body? No, you would not, in the same way, if you take one part of the vitamin out of the vitamin, you should no longer call it a vitamin and it will not produce the function that the vitamin should produce.

Take Vitamin C for example, the most widely taken supplement in the west.The vitamin C you find on the shelves is synthetic and it is not the whole vitamin C you find in nature but ascorbic acid, only one part of the whole vitamin C. Ascorbic acid in its natural form protects the functional parts of vitamin C from rapid oxidation, once it is isolated it no longer performs this, or any function and becomes disabled as a nutrient.

The human body has evolved for millions of years to digest the complex structures found in nature. Synthetic vitamins are not the same as these complete natural structures and when ingested, are treated by the body as a foreign substance.Like any other pharmaceutical drugthey can do you a lot of damage, as proven by various studies.

In one study which cited other studies that involved a total of 232,606 people, it was concluded that not only do synthetic vitamins not produce the health benefit they promise, they may increase your risk of mortality!

Avoid isolated and synthetic vitamins at all costs!

The best way to get extra nutrients in your diet is to take Natural Supplements which contain the whole food. As the name suggests they are the whole food with the water and fibre removed, so the nutrients are in an extremely concentrated form in Vegan Supplements. This way, you get all the functional parts of the vitamin left untampered with which will perform all the promised health benefits. It is the only way to supplement your diet successfully. To do this visit to find Organic Supplements!

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Top 5 Dangers of School

Attending public school has been a rite of passage for generations of children but in the last decade many parents have decided that public school is not the best path for their child and are choosing to homeschool or participate in a cooperative community school. The reasons for this choice are as varied as the families making them but some common public school dangers can be factors in the decision.

1. One of the biggest worries a parent faces is the proper education of their child. Every parent worries that their child may be left behind or ignored if he does not catch on to a particular skill or assignment as quickly as other children or may be labeled “stupid”if he isn’t testing at grade level. If he isn’t sufficiently capable of the assigned grade level skills but is not deficient enough to warrant additional intervention, a child can be lost in the shuffle with a teacher who doesn’t have enough time to work with each child. On the other hand, a parent might worry that her daughter isn’t challenged enough and is bored and acting out at school. A student who is testing ahead of her grade level can also get a little lost and may choose to entertain or distract other students or simply lose interest in school altogether. Homeschooled children are at an advantage in this scenario because a parent can tailor their education to their skill level regardless of “grade” level. Lessons can also be targeted towards a student’s interests and hobbies to help maintain the student’s participation.

2. Families with strong religious backgrounds often choose homeschooling to guide their children away from the conventional teachings of public schools. The Creation vs Evolution debate, for instance, can be a mitigating factor in choosing homeschool over a public school. The issue of sex education, tolerance for homosexual partnerships, and other polarizing issues can also be factors in this decision.

3. Bullies are everywhere but parents can shelter their kids from some bullies by avoiding the public school setting. It is virtually impossible for public school administration to monitor and curb all instances of bullying on the playground, in the hallways, and in the classroom. Homeschool and coop settings generally have a better ratio of adults:kids which can greatly reduce the incidence of bullying. Of course, bullying comes in many forms and can still happen in a smaller or home setting so parents and teachers need to continue to educate kids about preventing bullying behaviors.

4. Public schools are breeding grounds for social development with kids maturing and growing at vastly different rates. The disparity in maturity often leads to the exposure of young children to language and concepts that are inappropriate or contrary to a family’s values. Bus rides, playground talk, and hallway conversations can all expose children to phrases they shouldn’t repeat or morality issues that can lead to confusion. Children will eventually need to learn about the differences in the world around them but homeschooling allows parents more control over when and how that exposure occurs.

5. It is a rare but unavoidable fact that there are adults in positions of authority who abuse their power over the children in their care. An adult with time and access can influence children to think and behave in certain ways and we applaud those teachers and coaches who teach kids respect, self-control, and determination. But an adult with time and access who chooses to influence children in a negative way can destroy self-esteem, encourage criminal or self-destructive behaviors, or groom a child into a sexual relationship. Parents need to be mindful of the influential adults in their child’s life.

Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.

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Top Shipping Company is USA Box Express LLC

USA Box Express, LLC.

In today’s tough competition, are you still wasting resources, energy and time on activities which you could have contract out to a third party provider who specializes in providing such service? You do not have to struggle with the tedious task of logistics and spend time, which is supposedly spent on more important business concerns if there are experienced firms, such as USA Box Express, LLC, who can take care of your business process needs. Outsourcing your business logistic needs to an experienced firm will enable you to focus on core activities, strategies and decision-making.

With USA Box Express, LLC you can get help in delivering the right amount of goods when and where it should go. The logistic experts will take care of your materials management, procurement management as well as distribution management. You can expect endwise-logistic solutions that come from in-depth knowledge, technical expertise, and service capability. All of which enables to deliver the best services to all customers. With focus on providing competitive logistic processes, which delivers value added, and cost effective services to boost customer satisfaction, you can expect a significant growth in your business.

USA Box Express, LLC helps you add value at each level of your supply value chain. Since they have the required knowledge, skills, tools and machineries, all your logistic needs will be covered.

USA Box Express, LLC will help you in the subsequent manner:
– Reduce business operating cost while increasing productivity
– Assist in the streamlining of the process to boost stability, reliability and collaboration.
– Improve customer service through delivering value to the customer
– Outstanding process capability and technical expertise that delivers topnotch services
– Improve responsiveness to the ever-changing demands and increase flexibility
– Implementing best practices in the industry, which may lead into acquisition of new customer, potential customers are converted into real, paying customers

Numerous logistic service provider offers variety of logistic solutions. Those who wanted to grow their business should find logistic service provider who provide logistic solutions based on simplicity, innovative features, and addresses wider possibilities- solutions that are well-synchronized.

Finding the right logistic solution in today’s increasingly competitive market is of paramount importance especially in the sectors such as import, exports, manufacturing, customs, and manufacturing and most importantly in the transportation business. Selecting the most credible logistic solution provider can make a huge difference on the efficiency of supply chain management, which is imperative for achieving business growth and success.

Perhaps, your main business goal is to make money or profit from selling your products. But remember that sales often come just next to the shipping process. Without efficient shipping process or failure to deliver, the goods to its destination at the exact time might cause customers to question your business credibility, which might eventually lead into business failure. USA Box Express, LLC ensures that your business logistic is efficient so to meet your client’s standards and help your business gain customer trust which is imperative for achieving business success.

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