Missing happiness because of joint problem?

Arthritis is not that easy to live with, but there is much more to overcome from it or to cope up with the problem regarding joints. Many of the doctors recommend their patient for some kind of yoga or medications or doing exercises. Almost many of the people dealing with arthritis affect their everyday activity, their jobs in some or the other way. Positive attitude in a person is also very important, because it will lead the person towards to solution of the problem in a better and a healthy way.

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Arthritis is very common along people but still it is not very well understood. It is not referred to as diseases but in one way or the another it is referred to as joint pain or joint diseases. There are different kind of arthritis and their related conditions. People of all age, races, sex, have arthritis. It is mainly caused in female and the problem grows as the people get older.

Common symptoms of arthritis include swelling, pain, stiffness and decreases the Sequence in the motion, this kind of pain may be severe as well as it can be mild or moderate. As time pass on, this pain may increase or it may get even worse. Many of them can result in chronic pain, cannot do daily activity, or it may be difficult to climb the stairs or even to walk. These changes are visible only through X- rays. Some of the types may also affect heart, eyes, lungs, kidney and skin as well.

Diagnosing Arthritis:-

All over the country, it happens every day that people dealing with join problem take appointment with their doctors expecting the speedy recovery for their illness. They are very curious to know about themselves what’s wrong with their joints and how can it be made curable.

  • The main symptoms that takes people to the examination room is joint pain, swelling, stiffness or fatigue can also be one of the symptom as well.

Physical Activity

In spite of people suffering from arthritis they are less physically active though the important technique to relieve from joint pain is regular physical activity.

All Ages, Races and Genders

All those people who think that arthritis are an old age disease; they are highly mistaken because the fact is that arthritis can be caused in people of all the ages:-

  • Two – third of the world’s population under the age of 65 are dealing with arthritis, in which 3,00,000 are children
  • Newly born babies as old as one year can get along the serious disease referred to as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
  • As the age increases the risk of arthritis also increases.

According to the doctors, arthritis is seen more common in women (26%) rather than men (18%). However, the patients may suffer great severe pain in joints.

Swelling and stiffness:-

  • If considering arthritis as diseases it becomes more complicated and varies from person to person, as it comes in different form and affects the people in a different way. But the common thread through most forms of arthritis is Inflammation and stiffness of the joints.
  • Swelling may occur due to two key factors. The lining of the joint, known as the synovial, swells (synovitis) or the synovial fluid increases in volume (an effusion).
  • It is an active process: inflammatory cells (mainly white cells) and more blood enter the joint, while many inflammatory molecules, such as small proteins (peptides) are released into the soft tissues around the joint.
  • The increase in flow of the blood it makes the joint swell and feels warm. The inflammatory materials cause joint fluid to collect in and around the joint, which adds to the swelling. Joint swelling types can depend on the type of arthritis patient is suffering from.
  • Stiffness is also felt in the people when they take rest such as if they sit down. The joints are said to have a “gel” in it as a term reminiscent of how gelatine sets – a gradual process of firming up.
  • Joint stiffness can occur or it may not occur with or without joint pain, it can affect any part of the body- Finger, hands, knees, elbows, shoulder, hips, feet etc.

Do a person Have Arthritis?


 How can a person come across inflammation and stiffness? Only the person related to health care profession can tell surely about it. There can be four important signs that should take a person to the health care which are as follows:-

  1. Pain: – Arthritis pain may be constant or it may come and go for some time. It happens only while resting or moving, in many parts of the body or may be in different parts.
  2. Swelling: – Some of them can cause skin over the affected areas as a result to which it may become swollen, feeling worm. Swelling which lasts for three days or longer should be immediately consulted to the doctor.
  3. Stiffness: – This is the classic type which occurs during waking time in the morning or sitting for a long time. Whereas, morning stiffness can lasts longer.

For a person to enjoy his old age life it becomes necessary to take precautions leading to arthritis, because once person become use to it, it may cause severe damage to the body.


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