Marketing – Snail Mail Vs E-mail

It was not too long ago that most people had no internet leave alone e-mail address. But internet brought in a new era that is full of unlimited information. Internet gave birth to electronic mail popularly known as e-mail. E-mail opened new avenues to the world of communication. In the beginning e-mail was only used as another means of communicating with other people for personal or business related matters. Now people of every age group have an e-mail address. But, since past few years its potential for marketing has been exploited to its maximum both in good and as well as bad manner. At the same time who can disregard the services of direct mail which has been operating since nearly two centuries? It is still the preferred method of communication for many people.

E-mail is the cheapest method of communicating available as of this date. The advantage with email is that you can send email to many people at the same time just with the click of a mouse where as in the case of direct mails one has to go through putting letters in envelopes for each and every person, make different address labels, mail it and also have to bear the cost of mailing. Time is money and e-mail marketing saves a lot of time.

While e-mail marketing might look easy but if you compare the net result the story is totally different. When you are marketing through e-mail you go to make sure that you are e-mailing the right person otherwise the e-mail would end up going to junk folder. Also you got to be careful that you don’t miss the subject or the body of the e-mail otherwise the net result would be same. In this age of spamming, spammers use variety of subjects, so you have to put the subject keeping in mind that it wouldn’t send your e-mail to the spam folder again. In contract the direct mail gets a better treatment. Studies show that direct mail is more efficient and has better success than e-mail. First, it is not as easy to block direct mail as junk e-mail and secondly the process of blocking mails itself is not automated like e-mail. The other reason why people hate e-mail marketing is due to constant bombarding of e-mails from spammers and illegal marketers from Nigerian money scams to porn to online prescription drugs to stock quotes to what not. In addition to that, you also get promotional offers from big companies and who can ignore phishing these days. Due to all these people have developed a negative perception about e-mail marketing and they simply delete or spam the e-mail if they do not identify it as their regular e-mail. In contrast direct mail is seen with respect and people pick their mail as a daily routine and open them with a priority.

Direct mail has a personal feel attached to it, one of the reasons why people prefer mail greetings over an electronic greeting. It takes time to personalize a direct mail where as an e-mail is instant and the fate of e-mail is also instant i.e. immediate deletion. Researchers are constantly puzzled by the mystery surrounding why people are so enthusiastic about direct mail. But no worries this only good news for the marketers that they have something in their tool kit that works. So marketers have the mailing list of potential customers handy and send some nicely composed letters to them about your company and its products.

Snail mail has a potential of going through the hands of gatekeepers and administrative assistants before actually going to their boss which can end up being thrown in trash. The survival chances are rare unless its subject is business oriented and has some important information. But e-mail wins in this regard, as it reaches directly the person to which it is intended to go, after that its fate is left to the person whether to read or send it to spam folder.

A more scientific explanation of why direct mail is dearer to people than e-mail is the sensory perception of people. A direct mail uses three of the four senses of a person i.e. visual, verbal, listening and touching where as e-mail does not use sense of listening and touching. But this can be achieved by adding appealing graphics, text reading ability and streaming audio to the e-mail.

The statistics show that direct mail has not died and in fact the volume has grown by leaps and bounds in past few decades. A typical example is the fact that we receive more magazines, journals, mails from universities, DVDs etc. than we used to receive few years ago. This leaves the marketers with a dilemma about which method to use. The answer is simple, use email to contact only those people who you know and use direct mail for the people who don’t know you.

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FriendWise: A Popular Social Networking Website

Social networking websites, they are all over the internet. While many would assume a large selection of networks is good, the selection often makes it difficult to find a quality social networking website. If you are interested in meeting new friends online, you are advised against signing up for just any social networking site that you come across. Instead, you are advised to take the time to research and examine a number of different social networking sites. Perhaps, it is best way to find a network that is not only popularity, but one that is considered a quality site.

In your search for an online social network, it is likely that you will come across FriendWise. FriendWise may not be as popular as MySpace, Yahoo! 360, or Orkut, but it is still popular. In fact, its popularity has increased overtime and it expected to continue increasing. If you are interested in joining FriendWise, you are advised to research and fully examine this popular online network. As previously mentioned above, that examination should enable you to decide whether or not FriendWise is able to offer you want you want or need to get out of your social networking experience.

The only problem with FriendWise is that it is hard to get information about the site until you become a member. Unlike most other networking websites, FriendWise does not automatically state whether or not they are free to use. It is safe to assume they are free because their site does not mention anything about membership fees and the signup page does not have any room for credit card information, but it is still nice to know ahead of time. However, despite the fact that FriendWise does not automatically advertise whether their service is free to use, there are a number of different features that they website does touch on.

The goal of FriendWise, like many other online social networking websites, is to give internet users a chance to come together and connect. Once you have signed up for FriendWise, you should be able to begin making your profile page. Your profile page will outline information on yourself, such as your likes, dislikes, and hobbies. After your profile page has been created, it can be viewed by other internet users. Internet users do not have to be a member of the FriendWise community to view your profile, but they need to be to contact you.

In addition to making contact and joining the network of other FriendWise members, you can also participate in discussions held in the FriendWise online message forums. The online message forum is host to a number of different topics. Popular topics that are discussed include sex, religion, music, school, and general issues about the website.

There are also additional features that are aimed at providing entertainment for FriendWise community members. These features include, but are not limited to, battles, quizzes, and polls. The battle is almost like a picture contest. Two pictures will be posted and you need to choose which one you think could win the battle. Most of the quizzes available on FriendWise are made by network members. The polls are also created by FriendWise members and you will find that they are not only easy to take, but fun to as well.

If you are interested in joining FriendWise or at least learning more information about this popular social networking community, you are advised to visit their online website. That website can be found at

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Transmission Problems


            There are several ways to know that your transmission is not running properly and may need to be taken to a professional for an inspection. The signs that your transmission may be going out are profound, but nonetheless it is important to constantly check the fluids in your car and access the problem immediately so that the troubles will not worsen over the course of everyday drive.

            A manual transmission that will not shift is an easy sign that it is about to break and something must be done immediately, try adding more fluid if there is not enough, or adjusting the shift cables may be what’s wrong. Smell is another way your car is telling you there is something going wrong, and the smell of burning transmission fluid is very distinct. Normally this means that your fluids are low, or that there may be a leak that must be checked, but also one might consider purchasing an oil-cooler for the transmission it does not already have one. Sounds and gear slips are the most common way people realize it’s time to take a look at the transmission, but if the gears are slipping then it is hazardous and must be dealt with immediately for everyone’s safety as well as your own. For automatic transmissions the recognizable sound it makes while being in neutral is a sure way to tell that it is time to check the fluids, or for leaks around that area. A transmission filter is one of the parts that are basically never checked or even replaced simply because people are not aware that this could be a quick fix to the problem. Before taking in your problem transmission it is advised to try replacing the filter first to see if that doesn’t relieve circulation of the fluids.

            Finding someone to mend a transmission can be difficult not only because it is a hard part to fix, but also because of the fact that it’s a headache to work on them and some auto shops will try to overcharge for repairs. Fortunately there are shops that are willing to give an affordable price for such a needed repair. It is also safe to know that the auto shop you choose will be using only state-of-the-art equipment to restore the broken, or almost broken, transmission. For proper and tidy workspace and affordable transmission fixes around the Houston area contact Airworld Transmission at (281)-407-6757, or visit the website

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The Silent Killer: Gas Leaks


You might not be thinking about danger when you get the brand new gas stove you’ve always wanted installed. But the danger doesn’t just affect you; Think of your pets and anyone who visits often. You can have many gas appliances in your home and not even blink an eye. You could have gas grills, clothes dryers, heating, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and fire pits. If you have more than one of these gas machines, you are at an elevated risk of a gas leak. With this risk, comes the responsibility of knowing what to do if you think you have a gas leak.

To recognize a gas leak, you need to use all of your senses. Look for any damage on a connection to a gas application or for any dirt or water being blown into the air near an appliance. Pay attention to your grass. A leak would dry out or kill an otherwise normally moist vegetation area. After fires, earthquakes, floods, or other disasters, look for exposed pipelines. Look at your pets. Are they unexplainably sick? Listen around appliances and the gas line for any unusual sounds, like hissing, whistling, or roaring. Smell for the distinctive odor of natural gas. You may not be able to smell the gas because you have been exposed to it for so long, your house just smells that way to you or you might have a weakened sense of smell. The gas smell can also be covered up from cooking, cleaning chemicals, or by your soil, so do not rely solely on your nose.

You might have been exposed to a small gas leak that no one knew was there. Long-term exposure can poison your nervous system. Some symptoms of contact with gas are headaches, dizziness, nausea, irregular breathing, and fatigue. Over an extended period of time, contact with gas can cause increased allergies, forgetfulness, mental fogginess, asthma, depression, high red or white blood cell counts, migraines, and a variety of other health problems. If you think you have been exposed to a gas leak, visit your doctor immediately. Catching the potential poisoning early will help minimize any damage done to your body.

If you think you might have a gas leak, remain calm. Get out of your house immediately without turning on or off any electrical appliances. If you have not had your house checked for any leaks or potential problems in your gas lines, do so as soon as possible. Call Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection. They will check for any signs of gas leaks and get any problems resolved correctly the first time. Calling Plano Plumbing & Leak Detection at 972-672-8616 for a quick solution may save not only you but also your friends and family from any health issue.

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Life in The Gutter

We all know gutters catch water running off our roof and control where the water flows. We also know that other things, like leaves, acorns, and pine needles, get caught in them. “Clean out the gutters” has become the most dreaded item on the honey-do list. Unfortunately that task is very important to the safety of your home. In hot, dry conditions, leaves and pine needles are a fire hazard. In heavy rains, those items caught in your gutters can cause overflow and damage to your house.

The best thing you can do to help prevent damage is maintenance. Clean out your gutters at least twice a year: once in the spring after acorns and other spuds drop off and once in the autumn after the leaves finish falling. Consider using a leaf blower on low power to blow leaves and sticks off your roof. Keep your trees trimmed back so that they don’t hit your gutters or tough your roof. You can also have gutter guards installed. Gutter guards prevent the unwanted leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other objects from getting into your gutters in the first place. This allows the water to flow freely and keeps “clean out the gutters” off your honey-do list.

Look for gaps, sags, and leaks in your gutters or where they connect to your house. Any of these signs indicate you have a problem with your gutter system. Don’t paint your gutters; buy colored ones. Painting your gutters to match your front door looks good, but decreases the lifespan and warranty of your gutter system. The lifespan is normally 20-30 years. Don’t miss out on a decade or 2 because of that mistake. The list of causes of damage to your gutters might be a mile long, but some common ones are: leaning your ladder against them, gutter seams are splitting apart, ice formation, pest infestations, stains from constant overflowing, rusting spikes, and storm and tree damage.

There are many options when choosing a new gutter system for your house. You have different materials, styles, colors, and sizes to pick from as well as whether you want sectional or seamless construction. Some gutter systems can even be used for rainwater harvesting if you live in a remote area. There are 6 main types of gutter materials: aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, galvalume, zinc, and vinyl. Aluminum gutters are the most popular since they come in a variety of colors, are the least expensive, are corrosion-resistant, and lightweight. Vinyl gutters are popular with do-it-yourselfers, but can cost more down the road since they have half the lifespan of any other material and aren’t recyclable. The most popular style of gutters today is the 5-inch aluminum K-style. No they are not shaped like a K; they were just the eleventh style in the most popular style listing. You have the option to choose from styles A through L, fascia, half round, European, or rain handler. As for color, once you have chosen a material, you can then decide if you want your gutters to match your roof, trim, or home color. The gutter size is based on the width across the top of your gutter. In most cases, a 5-inch is perfectly fine. A sectional or seamless system is your personal preference.

The basis here is keep your gutters clean, but if you do need new gutters, you have many options. To help sort through all of your choices, call the right San Diego roofing contractor like Urbach Roofing at 760-471-5065. They will help you make the right decision the first time.

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Hip Dysplasia And Golden Retrievers

Hip dysplasia is a poor formation of the hip joints, which is a common growing disease with younger dogs of virtually every breed. With larger breeds, unsteady hip joints are common, although hip dysplasia can be a serious problem that will limit the physical activity of your Golden. Although many Golden Retriever owners don’t realize it, hip dysplasia is something that dogs inherit from their parents, and gets worse with age.

The signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia is nearly impossible to detect with Golden puppies, although it will start to show once the pup has reached the age of nine months. Even though you may take your Golden to the vet to have him looked at, your vet will tell you that you need to wait to see if the symptoms are there, once the Golden Retriever has reached a certain age.

The symptoms and signs of hip dysplasia vary, although the most common include crippling or the inability to walk properly. This disease can get better once the dog gets older though, due to the joints stabilizing, the inflammation going down, and the muscles in the hips getting stronger and more mature. Keep in mind however, that Golden’s who have hip dysplasia when they are younger will more than likely develop arthritis when they get older.

Golden Retrievers that suffer from hip dysplasia aren’t fit for breeding, although they can still live a long and healthy life. There are certain drugs that your vet can prescribe to your dog, which will help him control his weight and help control the disease. These drugs can also cut down on the pain as well, helping your Golden enjoy himself as much as possible.

Some Golden Retrievers that have hip dysplasia won’t begin to show any signs at all until they get a few years old, once the muscles start to wear down and the damage to the hip muscles start to become more noticeable. Although your dog may be active and healthy for most of his puppy years, dysplasia can slow everything down and make your dog look as if he is old and is suffering from the physical attributes of arthritis.

To eliminate the pain of hip dysplasia, there are surgery options available. Golden Retrievers have a high threshold for pain, and won’t normally show any signs of being in pain, even though you know they are. X-rays won’t show any signs of pain, although the limping or slow walking will tell you that your dog is hurting. Golden Retriever’s who have this disease won’t know it – which is why you should help as much as possible. If you do your part and help your dog seek relief – he will feel better than ever before – although he won’t let you know he hurt any at all.

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How to Research and Find Your Niche Online

Deciding on what product or service you will promote in a niche market should be based on a simple principle. There should be a demand for your product or service. You want to offer something that people actually need, something that will make their lives better, make them feel better physically, make them look better, or help them solve a problem.

Once you have chosen a product or service to market, researching to find the right niche for your product or service is the next most important part of beginning a niche marketing program. The things that you need to know are where they spend their time online, and what makes them tick from a personal and business point of view. There is niche marketing software out there that can help you learn these things about your potential niche market.

The next thing you need to learn as you research your online niche market is what you can reasonable charge for your product or service. The best and most effective was to do this is to visit sites that advertise products or services similar to what you have chosen to sell. It should be easy to see if they are giving away a service or selling the product at a price far lower than you would have to charge.

If you can determine that there are people out there who are willing to spend money to buy what you are selling and you can identify those people then you have a niche marketing product or service that can make money on the Internet. Sometimes it takes reframing your product or service to make it more attractive, better or just different than what others are selling it for. Research is the key to successful niche marketing.

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Dual Screen Siam Smartphone

By Geoffrey Power / Siam Smartphone

 siam smartphone

When I got my first computer it was at work, my focus switched from what I could get done at my desk… to what I could accomplish on my computer. Essentially, it became the focal point of my work efforts. (This may not have been true if you were working in construction or some other discipline) but for most of working Middle America we evolved into – albeit at times unwillingly – a computer-centric workforce.

When the computer became more available (and we became accustomed to using it daily), most of us made a ‘meaningful’ purchase… which meant we spent a lot of money on a desktop computer for our home. Now this is where our ‘home work’ and the ‘organization of our lives’ began to revolve around our personal computer choices.

In essence, if we changed jobs, or if our work computer crashed because of porn (head’s up to Kelly Bradley) it wouldn’t affect the things we were doing or storing on our computer at home.

At that time there were a few that experimented with laptops. They were portable and smaller, maybe something a student would use or find convenient to drag around campus as the Clinton Era unfolded.

Now, we have since moved away from desktop computers. We found they did not allow us to be mobile (like the college student) we entertained images of us doing our work on the kitchen table or on the back porch. A ‘work station’ was for ‘working’ – our laptopgave us a chance to do work while we were ‘living’. Our computing was on the move.

Our main focus or interaction with all things computing began to shift to our handheld devices. The Blackberry and subsequently the iPhone introduced Mainstream America to the concept of a smartphone. Now the ability we had to accomplish our ‘living’ was drawn even closer to us.  We could get a large percentage of both personal and career work done with this portable computer.

Something happened at this point. The focus of the smartphone manufacturer changed… the movement shifted to mass production and widespread integration as opposed to producing a product that met the personal needs of the end-user.

*This last year over a billion smartphones were sold. Last year over a billion smartphones were sold. That’s billion with a ‘B’. That is significant to us because – all of us will soon be adopted into the smartphone family.

What we want to do as humans, what we want to do as free thinkers – is to move our personal computing needs completely over from our laptop – to our smartphone. For many, this is easily done. An example is our children, during recess they are on Facebook, instagram, etc. they can use their handheld for much, if not all of the tasks they did on their laptop.

Except for this one fact.

On our laptop we were given the opportunity to ‘multi-task’. What I mean is that when we opened up a browser on our laptop, we could open-up two at once. We were checking Facebook at the same exact time we were plagiarizing Wikipedia or filing those TPS reports for Bill Lumbergh… the two could be done simultaneously. That really allowed us to seamlessly multi-task.

This is not true on our smartphone. We cannot typically, or easily use our GPS to navigate or while we talk on a conference call and perform a successful Google search for the best recipe for lemon meringue pie. It’s just not as easy to do this as it was/is on our laptop.

Some of the problem is the real estate of the actual screen… you just have a little screen. The screens are starting to get bigger – and the big manufacturers feel like they can steer you over to a tablet or iPad to work as your phone AND your computer. This is not a real solution. Having an iPad is a lot different than using a phone.

There is a vacuum there. Smartphone users who have adopted their smartphone as their primary computer interface – but need more screen space…

This is not uncommon. Just visit any normal office environment and you should see plenty of workspace computers with more than one screen or perhaps an over-sized screen.

Multi-tasking is a must.

Screen real estate is key.

Dual Screen is vital.

Enter: the Siam Smartphone. A smartphone with two screens – one on each side.

You may ask – why wouldn’t the big smartphone manufacturers have come-up with this solution? That’s a good question. I will answer it this way.

They can – but they won’t – until it becomes their priority.

I like to use the analogy of the American car manufacturers in the 1970’s. They were building a lot of Ford Granadas. Not because there were customers clamoring for ugly poorly built uncomfortable gas-guzzlers… because as history points out – there were NOT. The American car manufacturers were just driving too big of a ship to turn it around. The same is true today.

In a recent confidential conversation I had with an upper-tier executive of one of the (if not the largest) manufacturer of smartphones. He explained to me that each time they launch a new model or iteration of their product – they spend literally hundreds of millions in promoting and distributing their product to market. Which makes perfect sense because they will ultimately sell hundreds of millions of units annually. The very size and girth of this undertaking would suggest that there was not much room for innovation and adaptation.

I mean it’s one thing if you want to make a few changes to a few thousand smartphones – with the manufacturing capabilities in China – that is neither difficult nor cost-prohibitive. What makes this a near impossibility for the big manufacturers is the fact that they are ‘all-in’ with their product. The thousands of hands used to promote and advertise the product do not have the luxury of adapting to the needs or changing concerns of the user-base. The volume is staggering.

Ironically, the Siam Project is using the same exact infrastructure to facilitate a newer, better product which can be continually (probably annually) adapted and changed to meet the needs of both changing technology and changing manufacturing capabilities. We can produce products on the same manufacturing line as the big guys. That is possible because of the socio-economic nature of the Chinese Manufacturing Machine.

To put it bluntly: they just don’t care what they build… or for who… or who owns the patent or technology. They are similar to a vending machine. Just put the money in and pick the item you want. This may seem odd to Americans or even a bit wrong. That doesn’t change the fact that the largest manufacturing machine the world has ever known… will build products for anyone willing to ask.

Additionally: the technology available that is NOT USED is amazing.

Would you like your phone to check your blood pressure, test your blood-sugar levels, project a video on the wall, remain working underwater, and utilize your TV screen as an additional monitor? These are all technologies that are neither new nor innovative… just unused at this time. If we were to manufacture our phone in America – we would be bogged down with a myriad of obstacles. Ranging from patent issues, labor laws and supply-chain problems.

Smaller companies make the big difference in innovation.

We take existing technology, mapping those features to the demand from the market. To make a phone that does what you want it to do. We do not need market share to be a vibrant and profitable company. We can sell a few hundred thousand units and not even show-up on the radar…

But if we combine this with genuinely amazing customer service… easy to buy options… over-the-top technical support… we will have something legendary.

That is the Siam Smartphone difference.

Two screens, two choices of operating systems, awesome features, easy purchasing options -garage what more could you ask for?

Dual Screen / Dual Operating Systems / Siam Smartphone.

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More than just a simple massage session

massage professional
With our new outcall massage London services, you can benefit not only from the best massage sessions in the city, but you can also spend some time in the company of a beautiful woman, wherever you may like. And if you aren’t from London and you don’t know your way around, you can trust her to show you some of the best restaurants, clubs, theatres, and other places which interest you.

And that is because during a massage session a man should feel comfortable and relaxed about the woman that services him. There should be a connection between the two of them, a connection similar to the one of good old friends – and this is how you will feel with your professional masseuse. It will be like spending quality time with a friend!

It will all be about you, whether you want to see a movie, or go get a coffee, or whatever – your personal London massage therapist will be there just for you. You just have to say the word and she will show you everything you want to see. And if you however want to go to your hotel room sooner than later you are in for a surprise anyway: while your masseuse can be a lady in the society, she will show you what passion and lust really is about once you have reached your hotel!

Make no mistake, because this indeed will be a massage session. But it will be a very special one, since its entire purpose will be to please and relax, with the intense pleasure of being with a sexy woman being the one which leads to a state of complete relaxation. And, if you think about it, this is the only way in which you can achieve that final state which lets you regenerate your vitality: after all the tension in your body was chased away, you will let yourself float onto a stream of never-ending energy! Your beautiful London massage therapist will finally lay beside you, still caressing you and being attentive at every gesture you make.

And this is also one of the perks of appealing to our services. If the massage session ends sooner than you have expected, you can still spend quality time with a beautiful woman! As soon as you want it, you can go again around visiting London or you can start a new massage session! There are plenty of sensual techniques to try, so why not try it?

You can rest assured if you are wondering about the discretion of it all – we know that satisfied clients always come back to us so we can guarantee that your privacy will be respected! Only you and your beautiful masseuse will know how wonderful you meeting was.

So don’t wait any longer and make your first London massage appointment! In no time you will meet with our beautiful therapist who will do anything in order to satisfy you! There will be no dull moment with her! It will be only pleasure and relaxation!

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The leading professionals in the area for all your plumbing needs

plumbing and leak detection
If you wake up or come home from work and smell something that smells like rotten eggs, you might have gas leak nearby.  You probably will not find it.  Should you call a gas company or do it yourself?  Gas lines are one of those items we don’t usually think about.  They run throughout our home without going unnoticed until something happens or goes wrong.  Hot water tanks, heaters, and stovetops, are just a few of the items that use gas.  It is not a fun experience and not something you want to listen to.  Gas leaks aren’t to be taken lightly and should never be put off till the next day.

A Portable Gas Leak Detector

A portable gas tester can test for gas leaks.  It is an easy tool that can come in handy.  Sometimes it is hard to find where the leak is coming from.  To use this tool press and hold the power button while the tester is in the air.  It will go through a cycle and glow green when it is done.  Run the sensor over the area you want. Check the joints and fit anywhere you think may be a gas leak.  If the tester is yellow then it detected a small amount of gas.  If the tester is red then a significant amount is detected.  Regardless of the color, any amount of gas detected should be repaired right away.  Once repaired, test the area again.  To shut off the leak detector, push the power button once and the green light will shut off.  Most portable gas leak detections can be found at home improvement stores.

Gas Leak Detection Solution

Soapy water can be used to detect gas leaks, but sometimes this method is inconsistent.  Homeowners and plumbers go over a gas pipe with soapy water and miss leaks.  Some soap bubbles are better than others, but the test way to find a leak is using a solution that is formulated to produce bubbles.  With a well-designed solution, your chances of finding a gas leak are better.  The soapy mix is poured or sprayed over the area you think might have a gas leak.  Make sure the solution is applied all over, around the joints to ensure that the leak is not on the bottom of the leak.

If you are looking for professionals to detect your gas leak or do it yourself, make sure you give All Around Plumbing a call at 972-313-4659.  They are the leading professionals in the area for all your plumbing needs.  Visit them at

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