2014 Hardwood Flooring Trends

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2014 Hardwood Flooring Trends

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In 2014 hardwood floors has become the new trend in flooring. When considering a change in flooring, especially if you are planning on selling soon, it is key to factor what is popular for the majority. With regular maintenance, hardwoods can match many different room themes without a complete remodel. It is recommended to use to some kind of polyurethane finish with most hardwood styles to promote a longer lasting appearance, especially in rooms with high foot traffic.

Dark hardwood adds a rich and contemporary look to any room in your home. You can select color types from ebony to Jacobean; all of which give off an upscale and stylish appearance. With darker colors, homeowners should consider that darker floors are harder to maintain, so special attention is required to preserve the finish.Oil based polyurethane should be applied after flooring installation is complete.

Brown colors provide the most flexibility because they are easiest to match when making decoration changes. Recent purchase assessments suggest that more people are transitioning from reds and oranges to browns and golds because there are less decoration clashes. Homeowners want to be able to switch room themes without major reconstruction per room. Browns and golds also match well with other wood finish items like wood furniture.

Gray hardwood and gray stains also provide a versatile option that can blend with many different decoration schemes. When using gray stains, we recommend using water based polyurethane to avoid an “amberizing” from using oil based polyurethane. The water based polyurethane will not last long, so you may want to even double up on your application after the first layer has dried. Another great floor to room decoration combo, is using darker floor colors with gray rugs, furniture pieces and other accents to a room.

For a niche segment of homeowners, the vintage style has had a growing interest. This style tends to match with older homes as well as contemporary homes with a “classic” theme. There is a long list of hardwoods that make up the vintage style like distressed wood, hand scraped wood, reclaimed wood, and even randomly sized wood with varying widths. This antique style usually comes in a satin and matte finish usually with wider planks. The vintage is the costliest of these above listed styles, but require less upkeep in the long run. Homeowners can patch small, usually high traffic areas, instead of refinishing the entire floor.

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